What Do I Do First? What Do I Do Next?

Once you have decided to do Internet marketing you are faced with an almost insurmountable task, the task of beginning. If you have an Internet marketing background like selling on EBay or you’re familiar with Internet jargon your learning curve will be much shallower and easier. Nevertheless, you will have a learning curve.

You can level your learning curve by seeking a mentor or you can go it alone. Many choose to go it alone because they’re broke and they have heard the call of making fast money online. In ten days, in thirty days, you will be a millionaire. Some might, most won’t. Are you one of the many who won’t be successful at Internet marketing? Find out how not to be one the unfortunate many and what you should do first. Read this.

This is not about buying into some program or finding a mentor. If you’re broke, you don’t have the money to buy into a program and most mentors aren’t consulting for free. So forget that.

This is about you. This is about what you want. You must be forewarned; you might not like this. To succeed in Internet marketing you’ve got to work at it. Period. This might not go well with gurus who promote get rich quick schemes, but it’s the truth. There are many ways to succeed at Internet marketing, but all of them require work. They require effort. There’s no one secret formula. There are many ways. There are as many ways to succeed as there are gurus.

This is a self motivating industry. No one is going to tell you that you can’t take a break or that it’s time to call it a day. You will call the shots. But then that’s the beauty of being your own boss. That’s the beauty of being an Internet marketer, you call the shots.

So here is where you start: you start by doing something, anything! You say, ‘Well that’s not any advice, that’s not a concrete step, that’s not giving me any direction. I want specifics. I want to know what to do first and then second, then third …”

There are many ways to get started. You will find good, bad, useful, and useless information for free on the Internet. But your success will not depend on that information alone. You can learn, and you can learn, and you can go on learning; you won’t ever succeed at Internet marketing. You’ll get discouraged and quit. You will succeed at learning, not Internet marketing. Yes, you’ve got to educate yourself. Once you’ve learned something implement it. Do it! Take a deep breath. Stop. Do it! You must act!

Do something, even if it turns out to be wrong; it can always be undone and you will have learned what not to do! Will it take you a week, a month, three months to make money? Most successful small business owners take a year plus to turn a profit. You might do better.

If you have found that you are struggling to get your arms around Internet marketing and you have a few coins to spare consider a training program. I did and it has helped me get started. Visit this site. It will work for you

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