Tracking Methods Used For Affiliate Programs

With the high and cutting edge competition present in today’s market, businesses have sought a variety of alternatives to help broadly sell their products and services.

The option of using affiliate programs has been rampantly incorporated where affiliates market the businesses via links and banners that they post on their own websites.

When visitors to the affiliates site clicks on the merchant’s links or banners, they are redirected to the merchant website where they are either likely to make a sale or register with the merchant.

The terms of compensation upon the various actions the client is likely to take includes but are not limited to the following:

While a single business could be using the services of a variety of affiliates deeming it horrendous to monitor and compensate them, affiliate tracking programs comes in to ease the strain.

With a variety of affiliate tracking companies out there, research and analysis of their contract basis can help settle for a reliable tracking company.

Using an affiliate tracking software comes with a host of benefits ranging from helping you track your affiliate’s sales to paying and rating them, it only gets better.

Here’s a variety of affiliate tracking software to consider:-

Pixel tracking

This involves the use of a code that is linked with a distinct pixel tag quite invisible to the affiliate and that helps to monitor their activity and especially their sales volumes.

Pixel tracking also allows you to see the entire traffic of visitors including those who didn’t actually perform any action upon visitation.

Cookie tracking

As one of the most popular methods of tracking affiliates sales.

This methods works by the affiliate placing the merchant’s link on their site, the link defines an affiliate Id within the link and the moment the visitor clicks on the link he is redirected to the tracking software.

The tracking software inserts a small file ‘cookie’ on the web visitor’s browser which now stores the Affiliate ID.

This information can be stored on the browser file for a period of one 1 year and as long as it takes the visitor to make a purchase; as long as the cookie hasn’t expired they are entitled to due compensation.

IP Tracking

This is where the Affiliates sales are tracked using the last recognized click from the visitor’s IP and if it is found, then the campaign and affiliate Id from the click are used and the affiliate can be compensated respectively.

However, this option is usually considered if the visitor has no enabled cookies in the first place.

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