Mastering Conversions is the Name of the Game

While many marketers spend a lot of time focusing on mastering traffic generation, mastering conversions is as equally important.

To master conversions means that you have the ability to turn your traffic into leads, then sales, and finally into customers for life.

Value, Value, Value

At the heart of getting conversions is providing value.

Whether you are in the process of building your list or if you already have a list and are engaging it, you need to provide value.

Lead Magnet

To get as many people on your list as possible, you need to offer your prospects a lead magnet.

This is a piece of value that helps to solve a specific problem that they are having, which is offered for free, in exchange for their email address.

To create an enticing lead magnet, you need to know your market and their core desire.

To get to know your market, you can conduct surveys in order to determine their needs, visit forums where your ideal customer would hang out as well as other online groups, and etc.

Lead magnets can be deployed in the form of PDF reports, video training series, email training series, webinars, or etc.

They should be quickly and easily consumed.

At all times, you should strive to position yourself to stand out from other marketers, so try to give away value that most marketers are not giving away.

Your List

The purpose of your lead magnet is to convert your traffic from prospects into leads.

Once they are on your list, you will need to continue to provide them with even more value, as this is where the true conversions begin – it is where converting them into sales begins.

Your list is one of your most important assets as a marketer.

You will need to work to build a relationship with your list and build yourself up as an authoritative figure with them in order to get them to buy from you.

Providing them with valuable information will allow you to do both.

To provide value to your list, you will need to constantly be learning and sharing what you learn with them.

You will also need to operate at the Authoritative Level of marketing.

Remember, this is where you actually own the products that you promote so that you can test them out for yourself and ensure that they will be beneficial to your list before you promote them.

Where to Find Value

If you are constantly learning and operating at the Authoritative Level of marketing, you won’t have a hard time finding valuable information to share that leads to conversions, whether leads or sales.

Marketing is education – this is how you win prospects to your side.

Your marketing needs to be strategic, so whatever free content you are giving away to your prospects, it needs to tie into whatever offer(s) you are promoting.

So for instance, if you are promoting a course on PPC, get a copy of the course for yourself, go through it, and test out the strategies taught in it.

Take three to five concepts taught in it and share this information with your prospects either via a lead magnet or through emails once they are on your list.

It is important not to promote or mention the product at all during this time.

Only promote the product once you are done sharing the valuable nuggets taken from it.

Here is a diagram showing what this might look like:


If you want to master conversions, you need to master implementing effective marketing strategies.

To be able to market effectively and get conversions, whether leads or sales, you need to provide your prospects with value – educate them.

This helps to establish a relationship with them while at the same time build yourself up as an authority figure who they will listen to and ultimately buy from.

Whatever value you provide needs to tie into the product(s) you are promoting on the back end.

Master this, and you will be able to write your own check as a marketer.

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