Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

To make money with affiliate marketing, it is important not to lose sight of the basics.

Setting up a website and plastering it with banners and ads is not enough and will just turn people off.

You don’t get something for nothing, and the same applies here.

So what does it really take to earn an income through affiliate marketing?

Below are some important basic points that will help you get started.

Building Relationships

Think about building relationships with your readers – This is the basis for earning a long-term income through affiliate making, and it’s one that most miss.

Consider a real brick and mortar business, they all depend on repeat customers coming back and buying their products/services.

If they didn’t have any repeat customers, they would all very quickly go out of business.

It’s not enough to just rely on passing traffic in the hope that someone will buy their products and services; they need to build long-term relationships.

Relationships build trust and when you have built trust you have a warm list or audience to market to and monetize.

For most who want to make money with affiliate marketing, this is exactly what needs to take place and what affiliate marketers aim to achieve is building strong customer focused relationships through providing them with the information and advice that they were looking for when they found your site.

Which Keywords

Knowing what keywords your target market is using is vital to your affiliate marketing business.

These represent a real person who has typed these keyword phrases (usually 1-2 keywords) into a search engine to look for information.

That’s why it’s important you know the right keywords associated with your niche, as these are how your readers will eventually find your site.

This will also help you understand what information to include as part of the content webpage.

Think about not just what they are looking for, but why they are looking for it.

Think in terms of satisfying a need or providing a solution to a problem.

Long tail keywords are also important for you to consider, these represent more specific keywords phrases usually 3-4-5 words e.g make money with affiliate marketing.

Start typing a search into Google, and you will see examples of long tail key words as suggestions.

You need to include these in your content in a natural way.


Vary your content by writing about your niche in general.

Your readers are already interested in this area, and by doing more than just product reviews you are making your site more interesting and building those relationships.

Keep a calendar of key dates for your niche and plan content accordingly.

Also maintain a list of content ideas as they occur to you – the more genuine content you have the better.

Get used to writing down and recording your ideas as they come to you.

My advice is wait a week after writing down your idea before you commit to working on it.

This way you will see all your ideas in reality and not just in the context of your mood when you had the idea.

We have all had what we thought were great ideas only to later question why on earth we had the idea in the first place.

It could be that we were particularly motivated at the time and everything seemed like a great idea.


Product comparisons are a good opportunity to maximize affiliate sales; by comparing products side by side, you can provide links to each of these products.

Make sure your review is informed, drawing out the pros and cons of each options.

Do not include links to a products that you cannot recommend, instead try to find out more, or consider reviewing the product yourself.

I have personally bought products that I wanted just from a product review and from the individual that has taken the time and effort to review the product.

Quality Products

Promoting quality products is important to your readers; they are looking for products that meet their needs, arrive as promised and do not result in lots of spam mail from the supplier.

If your affiliate links are sound, customers will trust you and be more likely to try further promotions, which will help you to make money from affiliate marketing.

Testing the products is a good start; it will also improve your content, as it will be a genuine review and not just a scrape from the product descriptions since these are not really helpful or insightful.

Do not ever just grab affiliate link and market it if it has no value to your audience.

It may earn you a commission in the short term but if your audience is not happy with the product they bought they will blame you as you recommended it and you will lose the potential of future sales.

Finding The Best Programs is Vital to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Finding the best affiliate marketing program for you is important.

It is easy to chase the best paying program, but it might not be the best product match for your niche, so you immediately lose that benefit.

When you have determined your niche, look at the various programs and find the one that will service your readers best; after all, it is your readers that are making the money for you.

You can make money with affiliate marketing by looking for recurring or residual income; this is where you also get commission for future sales from the customer, and is much more preferable than one time commission.

If you find two affiliate programs that can provide good product or service matches for you and one offers recurring income, this will be more profitable.

Services like membership sites, web hosting and other subscription service that require a yearly renewal will fit into this category.

Go for affiliate programs that offer both larger one time commissions and also residual, that way you will build up a steady monthly income as well as bonus paydays.

Build a Database of Customers

Building an e-mail list is a must if you want to make money with affiliate marketing and is the backbone of any good web based business.

A website visitor may only visit your site once, but if you can capture their details, you are then in a position to market to them for a longer period of time.

You can encourage  your readers to provide their e-mail address, in exchange for a free report, guide or book, this will give you the opportunity to contact them a later date.

There are a number of good services that do this for you, AWeber being a good example.

They provide a number of world class tools designed to help you capture, attract, grow and then keep building your email list.

The saying “the money is in the list” is actually quite true.

To elaborate on this, think about some businesses like Facebook as an example that floated on the stock market and whose share price rocketed overnight.

Was this because the profits of their business grew by the same amount?

No it’s because Facebook probably has the biggest customer database in the world and that means the biggest database of potential customers to sell products to!

This is where the real value resides and why some internet businesses that don’t make any money carry some great stock market valuations.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Ending Thoughts.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to get the basics right and focusing on the points mentioned here will help you do that.

Keep your content fresh and relevant, promote good products and find the best affiliate program for you; round this off with an e-mail list and you will be well on your way to creating a long-term income earning affiliate business.

We hope you have this information on how to make money with affiliate marketing helpful.

We’ve tried to provide as much detail as possible, but if you still need to ask me a question – please reach out to me here

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