Internet Marketing Newbies Fail 95% of the Time – Want to Know Why?

At this stage of my Internet marketing career, I am what is labeled as a newbie, a noob someone who knows very little abut Internet marketing of any kind. You and I know that Internet marketing has unlimited potential. Yet I also know that the latest statistics show that 95% of us “newbies” will fail. I know why.

Like many others that are just getting their feet wet. I have “opted in” to many an offer of free material that promises to help me make millions of dollars.  These offers come in all sorts of flavors they range from affiliate marketing guides, to affiliate marketing for beginners, to beginners marketing guides, and even newbies guide to affiliate marketing.

As newbies our learning curves are very steep. There is a lot of information to be digested and much of it is scattered throughout the Internet. It’s no wonder that so many fail at Internet marketing. You are distracted by all those offers of assistance. You are distracted by all the methods that you can apply to make you successful at Internet marketing. Internet marketing success is like a shotgun blast, there many ways (pellets) to hit the target.  For a no frills, no bull assessment of products visit:

Here is why we newbies are likely not to succeed at this business. As a newbie, after four months, I just now realized how much time I spend reading all those emails that I get. Do you? They offer me new ways and methods to make money online. Many of them come with free e-books and reports. Some offers ask for your e-mail to allow you access to the free give away; some don’t. Regardless, you download the files; you open up the freebie; and you start reading or viewing the information. The next thing you know, it’s lunch time where did the morning go?

What have you done to increase your revenue? What product or service have you exposed to the Internet and to potential customers today? How many websites or blogs have you created today?

That’s the bottom line – Customers. 95% of us newbies fail because we are to busy learning the hundreds of ways of making money, instead of choosing one and sticking with it until we are making money.

It’s time to delete those emails. If you can’t delete them, file them away, unread; and read them on the weekend or when you’re rich.

Another thing we do: visit forums. Forums are a wonderful place to ask questions and learn from more knowledgeable people and to socialize. Before you know it, an hour is gone, maybe two hours. You have read through all the threads on a topic that interests you and the day is gone.

What have you done to increase your bottom line? You say, “I’ve got to learn. I’ve got to read and ask questions. How am I going to make money, if I don’t know what to do next?”

We do have to spend time learning. The question is how much time. When do you put into action what you have learned? It does not matter that your knowledge may not be complete. Will it ever be? Most, if not all, of those gurus that are making those big bucks started at the bottom like you and me. They were once newbies. Let us not forget!

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