How To Find Your Niche Market

One of the great sources of ideas how a big market is divided into small niches is website.

The major categories here are listed on the toolbar.

Hovering your mouse over one of those large market divisions will open a list of subdivisions on your left hand side, which are again clickable menu items containing sub menus with  items.

You can drill few levels down to discover potential small but lucrative niches of your interest.

Your journey as an affiliate marketer generally starts from choosing a niche.

It can be viewed as a small section of a bigger market.

In reality it is a group of people related by similar interests.

Choosing a niche in online affiliate marketing basically comes to choosing an audience that have strong interest, hopefully passion, towards that specific segment of a market.

Here are few points to consider when searching for a rewarding niche.

Any keyword typed in Google search basically represents a distinct niche.

People are constantly searching the web for different things, so there are tons of potential niches for affiliate marketers.

How to brainstorm the ideas?

What are popular products people are buying?

Answers to those questions you can find by browsing sites like or

On home page hover your mouse over “Sort by Department” at the top left corner, and click “Full store directory” at the bottom of the drop down menu.

This will open a page with categories and subcategories of all the products selling on Amazon.

Browsing through this page might help you recognize your potential niche.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about, or at least have strong interest or some knowledge about.

It will help you later to build a content of your site and interact with your visitors.

Similarly, Marketplace on will open nicely divided into categories and sub categories all the products and services which Clickbank offers for promotion to registered affiliates.

A niche should be pretty narrow.

It is hard to build an authority site in a competitive niche.

While it is still possible, it would require much more effort for a new website to rank in that niche.

High ranking in the Search Engine Result Page ensures free web traffic, which is essential aspect of online marketing.

So, the goal is to find a small segment of a market, or a niche, where people are searching solution to their specific problem, or they are ready to invest into their hobbies, sports or other activities.

Low competition should be first determining factor when searching a niche, following by the number of searches for main keyword.

Here comes another crucial element of a niche selection.

It is important from the start to distinguish between informational and commercial niches.

If the audience in the niche is mostly looking for some info, and they are not ready to spend money, then your chances to get compensated for your hard work are rather slim.

You can invest lots of time building a beautiful website, get decent traffic to it, but you will have a hard time to monetize your efforts, since your visitors are not buyers.

What is your experience with niche marketing.

Does it take too long to find right niche, or there are too many to choose from?

Do you have any questions that I could help with?

Please leave your comments below.

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