eCash Opinions Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

eCash Opinions was one of the most inexpensive survey sites we found.

Registration and navigation was a breeze, but unfortunately the site ultimately confirmed the old adage “you get what you pay for.”

The homepage of the site contained a lot of information in one location.

The left-hand side of the screen had a series of testimonials from satisfied customers.

Buttons along the top of the page included Home, Join Today, Testimonials, Members Log-In, Affiliates, and Get Help.

Directly below these buttons was a short sales video selling the benefits of the site and completing surveys for money.

Further down the page was a sales letter containing similar information, and then a list of bullet points touting the benefits of joining the site.

This was followed by a checklist of basic requirements to get started, including internet access, a computer, and an opinion.

Finally, at the very bottom of the page was a large Get Started button.

To register for the site, however, we followed a shortcut.

The quickest and most efficient way to register for eCash Opinions was to select the Join Today link from the row of buttons along the top of the homepage.

This link skipped the unnecessary sales jargon common on many sites and took us directly to a membership processing page.

The standard membership fee listed was $34, but we were pleasantly surprised when we hit the back button and were then offered a discounted, one-time rate of $19 payable by credit card or PayPal.

Our total cost with taxes came to $19.55.

We quickly discovered that the sales jargon we skipped at the beginning of the registration process still made its way onto our screen.

After reaching the registration confirmation page and completing our order, we navigated through three lengthy sales pages on getting paid to search Google, complete with voiceovers.

The fourth page took us to a membership details form letting us know a confirmation link was sent to our email address.

Once we confirmed our registration, we were issued our username and password.

This was one of the few sites we have found that included this added security feature.

With our username and password in hand, we dived into the Member’s Area and came across more of the most popular feature with eCash Opinions – the voiceover video.

We found one on three of the seven tabs that made up the Member’s Area.

The Voiceovers were poorly done, but were easy to stop.

This feature helped diminish the annoyance factor that accompanied their automatic play feature.

The tabs in the Member’s Area included:

  • Intro, with a basic welcome video to the site;
  • Getting Started, the default Member’s Area homepage;
  • Survey Database, the location of the actual survey site links;
  • Collecting Earnings, with general information on payment methods and procedures used by survey sites;
  • Earning Tips, with four tips for earning more money;
  • Get Help, including a link to the customer support email and a place to submit support tickets;
  • and Bonuses which had links to five members only success packages.

Our attention was immediately drawn to the Survey Database tab.

Each entry in the database included a logo with the name of the site, web link, a brief quote from the website, countries the websites accept panel members from, and a Join Now button.

The database included 55 total links, 15 of which were different language versions of the same site.

This brought the list down to 41 unique sites, five of which were not open to participants from the United States.

The final count of survey site links that were active and available came to 36, all of which were common survey sites easily accessible through a basic internet search.

Overall, the site was affordable and easy to navigate, but the minimal links in the survey database were a disappointment.

Ultimately, the cost we paid per survey site was more than we would have paid on an expensive site with a more extensive database.

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