CashCrate Review: How Is CashCrate Different From Other Survey Sites?

Most online paid survey websites are looked upon with negativity and there are often good reasons for it.

With the growing number of scams and fraudulent activities in this arena, it is no surprise to see the people looking at paid surveys with skepticism.

Amongst all those speculations and hesitations, there are some names that has managed to live up to the expectations of its members.

CashCrate is one of such companies.

If you have beein in this for a while with little or no success, it is time you stopped surfing other offers and browsing other websites and checkout CashCrate.

Let’s see how it works and what all it has to offer to its members.

What makes CashCrate more reliable?

CashCrate is not a market research panel and works differently from other websites.

It is a popular survey website that gives extra money to its members by answering some simple questions.

The legitimacy of CC remains unquestionable, now that it has been there for more than a decade.

Launched in 2006, Cash Crate has more than 2 million members that are regularly getting paid.

Most of their members are from the US as well as other English speaking countries.

The members need to be at least 13 years old to be a part of these surveys online.

Easy To Follow Methodology

CashCrate methodology is simple and easy to follow.

There are different offers each worth certain dollar amount.

You know the offer’s price before you start it.

Most offers are very simple and will take you only a couple of minutes to complete.

Once you’re done your answers get reviewed and CashCrate credits your account.

You land on page stating that you have completed the survey successfully or another page saying that the transaction will be evaluated in 4-6 weeks.

Sometimes you may not get credited with the first offer so you’ll need to keep trying till you find the right one one.

Your Earning Potential

The amount you earn at CashCrate will of course depend on the kind of surveys you are participating in and their worth.

Some offers value only at $0.25, others can pay you $10 or more.

The earnings get processed by the 20th of the following month and you get your check in the mail.

Within 2 months of signing up with CashCrate, most people end up making $22.

The earning potential will of course depend on the time you are willing to put in filling those surveys.

Many individuals earn via CashCrate’s referral program.

You might want to create a new email address so as to avoid getting your inbox filled with spam.

Avoid entering your phone number or you will start getting phone calls from telemarketers as well.

How is CashCrate Better

CashCrate is really different from other survey websites on the web that only make false promises to their members.

Thousands of members are getting regular money for their efforts.

Once you join and a get a confirmation email, you start making money right away.

Most of the surveys that you come across at CashCrate have to do with gas usage, different consumer goods and cars.

Top companies pay lots of money to get their products and services surveyed by customers and expect them to give genuine and accurate information.

Make sure to browse your CashCrate user area thoroughly to get access to more offers.

Look for those that are easy to finish and offer the best payouts.

Do not forget to visit the member’s area to sort offers based on the highest payouts and read the complete description of these offers before you start.

Once you find a suitable offer, start the survey.

Click on submit when you are done and don’t forget to erase those cookies!

Wiping Away Those Rumors

There are many misconceptions floating about Cashcrate that it is time consuming and loads of hard work.

It is not!

All you need to do is follow the right protocols and tools and you can finish a couple of offers within minutes and make some good money.

Most of the members out there on CC are yet to have a bad experience with the website.

There is no scam running here and what you are dealing with is an honest and reputed website.

Don’t hesitate to refer you friends to Cashcrate, for when they earn money, you too make money.

Take advantage of the referral program at CashCrate .

Some other websites that are similar to CashCrate are Fusion Cash, Valued Opinions, Inbox Dollar etc.

What makes CashCrate stand out and make a cut above the rest is the genuine offers and total commitment to its members.

With millions of members and a steady influx every day, surely CashCrate is a fun site to be at.

Surveys & Friends Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Surveys & Friends shows you how to take surveys to the next level and exponentially increase your compensation beyond anything that resembles part-time earnings.

After having reviewed so many disappointing paid surveys sites, our expectations for Surveys & Friends could not have been much lower.

Little did we know that we were about to review the best online paid survey, mystery shopper, and focus group site on the web — and those are our words, not theirs.

The home page (Screenshot 1) includes an introduction video that emphasizes the site’s benefits while touching on the features that further separate Surveys & Friends from similar sites.

Not only are you paid for the surveys that you take, but you are paid for referring friends who join the same survey panels, and paid again when these friends complete surveys.

This method of making money is often referred to as “passive income” by internet marketers — as it requires no work on your part to produce recurring streams of income after the original referrals.

That’s a “win-win” concept in our book.

Once you have viewed the home page video, you are ready to sign up for membership.

There are three ways to do this.

You can complete the “Get Started Now” name-and-e-mail form on the far right side of the page just beneath the top banner.

Alternatively, you can use a similar form placed in the main content column about two thirds down the page.

Using either of these forms will result in receipt of an e-mail inviting you to join for the one-time fee of $34.00.

There is however, a quicker way to join.

Simply scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see a “Join Today” link in the footer content to the right of the copyright information.

This would be our preferred method as you will pay the same $34.00 price and not have to wait for the “invitation e-mail” to arrive.

Regardless of how you decide, you’ll receive access to the same Surveys & Friends Membership Site.

Concerning the exit pop-up offering the free report (also offered in the invitation e-mail), the same PDF may be downloaded from this page simply by clicking the thumbnail below right.

Note that while the report contains a good overview of Surveys & Friends, it is not required reading by any means.

Regardless of the route utilized to arrive at the “Join” page (Screenshot 2), the price will be $34.00 plus sales tax.

Payment options include Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, AmEx, Discover, JCB, and our preferred option, PayPal.

After making payment and selecting your password (your username is your e-mail address), you may log into the members area using the navigation link near the top of the homepage.

Once inside the Members Area (Screenshot 3), you should notice your name on the far left just below the welcome banner.

Watch the welcome video, as it provides a good overview of the program and members area navigation.

In addition to the homepage, the Member’s Area is divided into additional seven sections as represented by the main navigation bar immediately beneath the logo.

Sections are as follows:

Section 1. Take Surveys

Do not overlook the Mystery Shopper Board, as it is absolutely the best of its kind on any survey site we have seen.”

This section (Screenshot 4) includes a video with suggestions for maximizing earnings; the Top 20 Survey Panels to join; the Mystery Shopper Board; the Focus Groups Board; and the Extensive Survey Database of additional survey panels to join.

There are separate survey panel databases for the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K.

Of the Top 20 Survey Panels for U.S. residents to join (Screenshot 5), 8 are for online surveys, 2 are for focus groups, and 11 are for mystery shopping (yes, there are presently 21 listings in the top 20).

There are similar listings for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

If you do not reside in one of the above-referenced countries, you may still qualify for highly-profitable and fun mystery shopper (also known as secret shopper) opportunities in your country (see the Mystery Shopper Board section of this review below).

As you will be joining 20 sites, you will need to create a spreadsheet to track the multiple login URLs, usernames, and passwords — or you can do what survey professionals do and simply use RoboForm (see Survey Pro Tip #2 in the right-hand column).

It is strongly suggest that you create a dedicated Gmail or Yahoo e-mail account for Surveys & Friends opportunities.

Create folders in your new e-mail account, one for each of the top 21 panels.

This will save you time and trouble later, as you will be receiving a lot of e-mails, and not all of the offers will appeal to you.

It is suggested that you concentrate on the cash-paying or cash-credits opportunities only and discard the sweepstakes offers as well as any offers that do not clearly state the compensation amount.

You simply will not have time to get to them all.

Access to the lucrative Mystery Shopper Board alone justifies your membership fee many times over.

The board allows you to narrow opportunity listings to those that match your preferences.

We selected opportunities in New York paying more than $34.00.

There were too many results to fit on a single page (Screenshot 6).

If you took advantage of only one of these numerous secret shopper opportunities, you would earn back your membership fee in a single day.

Mystery shopping is a highly-profitable and growing field.

ABC News estimated that there are more than 2 million mystery shoppers working in the U.S.

But the opportunities are not by any means limited to the United States.

In addition to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, the board lists profitable secret shopper assignments in Aruba, Belgium, Brazil, The Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kuwait, Luxembourg, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Arab Emirates!

Do not overlook the Mystery Shopper Board, as it is absolutely the best of its kind on any survey site we have seen.

Focus groups are usually moderated group interviews and discussions related to consumer products or services.

These opportunities are generally the most lucrative opportunities in the survey industry.

Your Surveys & Friends Membership provides access to the best focus group board online.

The Focus Groups Board allows you to narrow opportunity listings to those that match your preferences.

Selecting current focus groups for California returned 28 opportunities (Screenshot 7) paying an average of $133.15!

Completing a single average focus group would pay your $34.00 membership fee and put a $99.00 profit in your pocket in a single day!

Note that the Focus Group Board is limited to U.S. residents only.

Surveys & Friends currently maintains four separate Extensive Survey Databases — one for the U.S., one for Canada, one for Australia, and one for the U.K. These databases include hundreds of legitimate survey sites to join.

Surveys & Friends recommends — and we could not agree more — that you skip the Extensive Survey Database sites until you have had an opportunity to review and implement the income-producing methods in Section 2.

Invite Friends; Section 3. Invite Yourself; Section 4. Invite Others; and the V.I.P. Section.

Note that your one-time membership fee includes complete access to the VIP Section, you will learn how to use surveys to create passive income streams for yourself that require little if any work on your part beyond the initial set-up.

While there are certainly money-making survey opportunities in the Extensive Survey Database (Screenshot 8), Surveys and Friends cherry picked the best-of-the-best sites, and placed those in The Top 20 Survey Panels.

Section 2. Invite Friends

Section 2. Invite Friends (Screenshot 9) will show you how to multiply your survey income without having to take additional surveys yourself.

The methods taught within this section are for those who are interested in taking surveys to the next level – passive, recurring income streams with the potential to return full-time income using part-time efforts.

Note that the Invite Friends methods require use of the website and techniques covered in the V.I.P. Section.

Combining out-of-the-box thinking and best practices for online marketing, they produced a site that shows you how to take surveys to the next level and exponentially increase your compensation beyond anything that resembles part-time earnings.”

The concept is simple. In addition to paying for your opinions, high-end survey panels will also pay you $1.00–$7.00 for each friend you refer.

Better still — Surveys & Friends will pay you approximately $22.00 for each friend you refer for membership. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and others, make it easy for you to contact friends and acquaintances who are also interested in increasing their incomes.

If you are satisfied with your earnings from Section 1, and do not have additional time to invest in scaling your earnings, you need not make use of the methods taught in Sections 2, 3, and 4.

Even so, it is good to know that you have additional sources of revenue to tap should the need arise.

Finally a word of caution — if you are new to surveys, we strongly suggest that you limit your survey activities to Section 1 until such time as you have organized your survey taking activities, are already earning money with your opinions, and feel comfortable enough with the process to take on new tasks.

Experience tells us that people who try to take on too much, too early, may become overwhelmed and frustrated.

Proceed through the sections at a pace that works for you.

Your membership is good for as long as the Surveys & Friends website exists, so there is no need to rush.

Section 3. Invite Yourself

Section 3. Invite Yourself (Screenshot 10) will show you how to use the referral links generated in Section 2 to earn commissions ranging between $1.00 and $7.00 for signing up for additional surveys panels.

Because you are referring yourself, your commissions are assured.

This process can be repeated up to 25 times per week!

It is strongly suggested that you create a new dedicated Gmail or Yahoo e-mail account for self-referrals as confusing these e-mails with your survey offers could be problematic.

This nothing-short-of-brilliant method is the closest thing we have seen to a foolproof system for making money online with little-to-no-effort, and just one more way that Surveys & Friends further differentiates itself from other paid surveys sites.

Note that the Invite Yourself method also requires use of the website and techniques covered in the V.I.P. Section.

…the absolute best-of-the-best legitimate and lucrative survey, focus group, and mystery shopper sites…”

Section 4. Invite Others

Section 4. Invite Others (Screenshot 11) will show you how to use the techniques and website covered in the V.I.P. Section to expand your referral commission base beyond yourself and your friends to any and all residents of the U.S., Canada, Australia, and the U.K. who are interested in earning money online by taking surveys.

As there are only so many surveys, focus groups and secret shopper assignments you can complete in a day, and only so many friends you can invite, your income is limited by the amount of time you have to take surveys and the number of friends you have.

Section 4 removes those restrictions and increases your referral commission income potential exponentially. Now that is exciting!

While the methods taught in Section 4 require somewhat more effort than Sections 2 and 3, they are by far, the most powerful way to leverage your time and scale your income beyond the levels possible by completing surveys.

As the Invite Others approach refers to and requires knowledge of the techniques taught in Sections 1 thru 3, it is suggested that you do not attempt to implement the concepts until such time as you are already earning money by taking surveys and referring your friends and yourself to survey panels.

V.I.P. Section

The V.I.P. Section (Screenshot 12) is the key to successfully implementing the strategies and techniques explained in Sections 2 thru 4.

As it is the section most likely to introduce new concepts and skills, it has wisely been placed last.

It is important to note that making use of the V.I.P. Section is completely optional.

You can earn exceptional part-time income solely by using the methods described in Section 1 without ever having to utilize the V.I.P. Section, or the related methods described in Sections 2 thru 4.

The key element of the methods described in Sections 2 thru 4 is your own personalized, “I Like Paid Surveys” website (Screenshot 13), where you will send your friends and other referrals to sign up for survey panels and/or Surveys & Friends Membership.

This is how you will increase your earnings without having to take additional surveys.

As previously indicated, you are paid $2.00–$7.00 for each referral that signs up for a survey panel, and about $22 for each referral that joins Surveys & Friends.

Imagine for a moment that you were able to successfully refer only one new Surveys & Friends member per day.

You would earn about $22.00 per day, $154.00 per week, $669.00 per month, or $8030.00 per year!

That would of course be in addition to your survey earnings.

You might think that you do not have the skill set to create or even customize a website.

Well, if you can fill out a few form fields and click the ‘Submit’ button (Screenshot 14), you can customize your site.

It is that easy.

Best of all, your personalized website is 100% free — the cost is already included in your one-time, $34.00 Surveys & Friends Membership fee.

There are no hosting charges, web designer expenses or any other payments to make.

As you will be acting as an affiliate for the survey panels and Surveys & Friends by providing referrals, you will need to join two affiliate networks (one for the survey panels and one for Surveys & Friends), but both networks are free to join.

These networks will be responsible for paying your referral commissions.

The V.I.P. section includes complete text and video instructions on how to join these two affiliate networks.

After that, all you need do is use your social media connections to refer your friends and others to your personalized website, and you are on your way to earning passive income 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 365 days per year.

Bonuses Section

The Bonuses Section (Screenshot 15) provides five eBooks and 4 videos designed to further enhance your knowledge of online money-making systems and how to integrate these skills with your survey endeavors to take your earnings to an entirely new level.

The following volumes are included with your Surveys & Friends membership:

In the event there was any lingering doubt about the value of the single-payment-of-$34.00 Surveys & Friends Membership fee, the Bonuses Section itself is worth more.

Support Section

Finally, should any problem or question arise, the Surveys & Friends Membership Site includes an FAQ and a responsive Support Desk (Screenshot 16) that can assist you as required.

Surveys 4 Checks Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Surveys 4 Checks was a very disappointing site, offering the highest registration fee we have seen to date for some of the worst content.

The Surveys 4 Checks homepage seemed well-organized upon first glance, with a line of tabs across the top to direct users to different sections of the site.

Once we began scrolling down the homepage, it quickly became clear how long and unorganized it really was.

It began with a link to a short video of a presentation outlining the benefits of doing online surveys.

Below the video link was a series of statements with various bold and colored highlights extolling the virtues of online surveys, such as no deadlines, no traveling, no selling, and more.

This was followed by a potential income calculator, skewed with numbers already in place.

Next were links to sample surveys which showed values of $20 and $50 for only inputting a minor amount of information, a very misleading and inaccurate “sample” for unfamiliar users.

The next few lines included testimonials with more questionable statistics about potential earnings.

Below the testimonials were three steps instructing users on how to get started, followed by a link to some commonly asked questions.

Next was an offer for VIP upgrades at an additional cost, and finally a link at the bottom of the page to register.

The link offered a half-off discount of the $99.99 introductory rate to a limited number of customers; however this discount was still published on the site a few months later.

We ended up finalizing our registration on the site for $49.99 plus tax, bringing the total registration fee to $51.44.

This was a one-time fee with a 60-day money back guarantee.

The next page we proceeded to was a payment location where we could input our credit card information for our registration.

This was followed by a confirmation page that included our order number, and then another page which included our assigned username and password.

The username and password appeared to be unique to the individual and not based on the email address or name entered with the initial registration information.

We followed a link from this page to access the member’s area.

After navigating past a welcome page offering a VIP upgrade, we entered the main member’s page which we bookmarked for ease of access the next time we visited the site.

The main member’s page is unfortunately very cluttered and messy to navigate.

Our attention was first drawn to the 10 tabs listed across the top of the page.

The Paid Surveys tab is the main page of the member’s section and includes the survey directory.

The Free Shopping tab includes links to mystery shopping sites.

The Incentives tab links to sites that pay users to click on ads or visit websites.

The Focus Groups tab links to online focus group registration sites.

The Paid2Drive tab links to companies that pay people to drive around with ads plastered on their cars.

The Freebies tab links to sites that offer free product samples.

The Paid Surveys 101 tab lists tips and tricks for making the most money doing paid online surveys.

The Get Paid to Read Email tab includes links to register for paid email programs.

The Get Paid to Drink Beer tab offered links to product testing sites.

Finally, the Contact Us tab offered links to a Frequently Asked Questions section, as well as a form field that users could fill out to submit questions to customer service.

The Paid Surveys section of the member’s area included several banner advertisements down the center and right-hand side of the page.

The left-hand side had numerous links to sites that were ranked according to user comments.

We opted to access the survey directory by selecting our region from the options available on the upper right-hand side of the page.

Upon selecting United States, the banner advertisements in the middle of the screen were replaced by a list of 59 links for paid survey opportunities.

The links contained brief descriptions of the sites they directed to, but were intermingled with a variety of advertisements.

Scrolling to the bottom of the page drew us to a link for additional survey companies.

This link brought up a two-page list containing 81 different links.

Upon further investigation, we discovered that this list of additional survey opportunities was EXACTLY the same as the list available on, a site we registered for previously at a lower rate.

Overall, the experience with Surveys 4 Checks was a very unsatisfying one in comparison to top-rated survey database sites available on the web today.

Paid Surveys Etc Review : Is It Legit Or a Scam?

Paid Surveys Etc Review

Paid Surveys Etc ReviewPaid Surveys Etc offered a well-organized, clean site with easy navigation tools, but fewer survey links than most survey database sites offer for the same money.

The site would be ideal for people who are willing to pay more for convenience and are less concerned about bang for the buck.

Our research into the site provided some details on the good and not-so-good elements of the site.

The homepage for this survey database site contained a letter from Michelle McAllister detailing how online survey takers can make $2500 to $3500 per month, a lofty claim unsubstantiated by any evidence.

Ms. McAllister claimed she made enough money to quit her job and do surveys, online focus groups, product testing, and movie trailer previews from home full-time.

In our experience, her numbers are inflated and can be misleading to first-time users.

Paid Surveys Etc 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

The positive side of this letter was an offer of a 60-day money back guarantee to anyone who was not satisfied with the site, allowing those who do not earn large dollar amounts in the first two months a way to opt out and get their money back.

Further down on the homepage was a calculator that users could use to calculate their potential income from completing online surveys.

Beyond that was a series of testimonials from members who claimed to earn a full-time income from using links available on the site.

Here’s another Paid Surveys Etc review that you can make a comparison with.

After scrolling beyond the list of testimonials, we found a registration link for the site, as well as descriptions of special bonus offers.

Patient users who scroll through the lengthy homepage to the bottom will find a half-off coupon and payment options of credit card, PayPal, or personal check.

This was the first site we have seen that gives users the option of paying by personal check.

We opted to pay by credit card, and upon entering our half-off coupon code, were charged a total fee of $34.99 including tax.

We tried exiting the page and returning for more discounts, but the original half-off coupon was the only reduction incentive we discovered.

We then advanced past a payment screen where we input our credit card information.

After submitting our information, we skipped past two automatic sales pages offering money-making opportunities for writers.

The next screen brought up a secure payment form where we received our order number.

The following screen welcomed us to the member’s area of the site and gave us our username and password — a standard username and password most likely assigned to all users as it contained no words or characters unique to our account.

The member’s area was organized into six separate tabs.

The Home tab included a welcome letter from Michelle.

The First Step tab included useful tips to help ensure users’ success, such as using a separate email account for site registrations, subscribing to Roboform, and registering with every available site listed.

The Survey Database tab included lists of links to survey websites.

The Bonuses and Extras tabs offered additional money-making opportunities.

The Contact Us tab contained a link to the site’s customer service.

The Survey Database section of the site was surprisingly well-organized.

It was divided into four different categories: Survey Database, Paid to Shop, Food Emails, and Paid to Drive.

Each one of these categories contained links laid out in tables with columns for the webpage name and link, region, and incentive offered.

Between the four different categories, there were 13 pages of links to consider.

The number of links totaled 188, of which 105 were links to survey and focus group websites.

Only 13 of those were bad links or directed us to irrelevant websites.

People who are easily frustrated by having to filter through numerous missing links would find this site ideal.

People looking for volume would be very disappointed as some other survey database sites on the web offer access to hundreds of web survey links to people patient enough to work through them.

Should You Try Paid Surveys Etc?

In conclusion, this site fell somewhere in the middle for us.

The organized, easy-to navigate features made it easy to love, but the smaller number of survey sites went against our desire to get the most for our registration dollar.

There are simply better paid survey sites out there.

Cash Surveys System Review : Is It Legit or a Scam?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that survey sites and research panels are the only places to make money with paid surveys.

In fact, some survey sites have drawbacks such as: low incentives, sweepstakes entries in lieu of payment, long crediting times, limited available surveys, high cash out thresholds, and long waiting periods for payment.

Don’t get me wrong, paid survey sites do have there place and there are several that I use regularly, but a for steady survey income, you’ll need more tools, and those tools are GPT sites. GPT is short for “get paid to” and these sites offer daily paid surveys, paid offers, and other ways to earn money.

GPT sites actually offer up some of the best paid survey opportunities on the internet.

The bottom line is this: Getting paid to take surveys is the goal no matter what the platform is, and choosing the most productive platforms to spend your time on, is the key to steady income.

Overview of the system

I’m going to give you a list of incentive sites to start off with and you can add more later, once you become more  experienced.

The sites will be a mix of paid survey sites and GPT’s, and they’ll be used in conjunction with the cash surveys system.

I chose these sites to help you get off to the best possible start on the system.

Here are the sites that you’ll be starting with: Rewarding ways, Clixsense, CashCrate, SurveySavvy, and

Each link takes you to a page with detailed information about the site.

I will also list some additional sites, at the end of the page, that you can start adding as you become more productive.

I also want you to know that you will be free to use any combination of sites that you want, but only after you become experienced with those above.

By then you will know which sites are going to be productive for you and which ones are wasting your time.

There are three phases to the system.

Phase 1 is the backbone of the system and focuses on building a solid routine by utilizing the most productive sites and managing the time you spend on your work schedule.

In Phase 2, you will begin adding more sites to your routine.

Phase 3 is when you will start recruiting referrals to your sites.


In order to start making significant steady income from surveys, some guidelines need to be in place to maximize productivity.

I have already listed some of the best sites to use.

The goal is to become fast and efficient.

You’ll be surprised in a month from now, at how many more surveys your completing compared to when you started.

It’s definitely nice to work from the comfort of your home because you can create your own hours, watch television, take breaks whenever you want, take naps, etc., but the more freedom you give yourself, the less productive you will be.

You will benefit the most from my system if you set a work schedule for yourself and approach your survey taking with urgency.

Time is money and this system is based on increasing the amount of paid surveys that you can take in a particular time frame.

Phase 1

Start with Rewarding Ways and begin taking the daily surveys. Start with the highest paying survey and work your way down.

I recommend that you only take those that pay at least 75 cents.

After you finish all of the eligible daily surveys, clear your computer’s cookies and go to your email inbox.

You should have some survey invitations waiting for you from SurveySavvy and

Complete all of the surveys in your email and then move on to Clixsense.

If there aren’t any paid surveys in your inbox, simply move on just the same.

Complete the daily surveys from the survey routers on Clixsense, and then clear your cookies and check your email.

After you complete the surveys in your inbox, log in to CashCrate.

Begin taking surveys starting with the highest paying daily survey.

When you’re finished with CashCrate, (yep, you guessed it) clear the cookies and head to your inbox.

Don’t worry if you don’t understand what i mean by daily surveys, etc.

I show you where everything is and explain each site on it’s respective page.

Just click on the sites links above and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

Also, be aware that you probably won’t finish the entire routine.

Just keep pushing yourself and you’ll get there.

Phase 2

At this time you have mastered the routine from phase 1 and your ready to increase your earnings.

It’s time to explore other sites and add more surveys to your routine.

I recommend that you add another GPT site to your list, and another paid survey site to your email sites.

If you’re wandering why I include email based survey sites into the routine then let me explain: The email surveys are basically pit stops between sites.

You’re forced to get them done quickly so you can move on.

Instead of adding two full sites to work on, your adding only a few extra surveys.

Picture Clixsense as a huge triple cheeseburger with the works, SurveySavvy as a medium fry, and as a chocolate chip cookie.

I couldn’t possibly eat two of those huge burgers, so I ordered just the one.

I finished the burger but was still a tiny bit hungry afterwards.

Now lets say I got the same burger but this time I added the medium fry and cookie.

I was able to finish the entire meal and felt full and satisfied after.

That’s the basic logic behind the email based survey sites.

Feel free to customize your routine as you please but keep moving forward.

You can rotate between sites, swap one out for another, etc.

Just make sure to continually increase your amount of completed surveys.

Keep records of every survey you complete and how long it took you to complete it.

Compare your records to ensure your progress.

The cash surveys system was designed to accomplish two goals.

The first goal is to establish a steady income stream.

The second goal is to constantly increase that income by gradually increasing the workload.

Phase 3

This phase is dedicated to getting referrals.

If you’re not sure what a referral is, click on the link below.

You can get referrals at any phase, however, in phase 3 you should take it to another level and start a recruiting campaign.

By the time you reach this phase you will be very knowledgeable of the sites that you will be promoting.

You can promote your sites through social media, youtube, online forums, low cost advertizing, your own blog, and other platforms.

By adding referrals, you can increase your income without increasing your work load.

Is Online Paid Survey A Scam?

For some, paid survey are a scam, because people have this big question, why your opinion matters.

But the truth is, it does to companies, they pay top dollar to know what their customers wants and needs.

You can do the survey right at comfort of your home online, if you want to do it on your spare time you can, to earn some extra cash in your pocket, but if you want to hit the big bucks, spend more time and make a business out of it.

But again, you need to understand how the program works.

So how can I convince you to spend time doing online survey?

Well, I hope this will convince you.

You will be your own boss doing it, and comparing with the other money making programs out there, you don’t have to sell or even promote anything.

They just need your honest opinion about products and services that you might have used.

Another good thing about this type of job is there is no discrimination for whom would participate.

Everyone can sign up and join, start earning money right away.

You can do survey for several companies at anytime.

If you could spend time and be serious with it, you could earn a lot of money.

And again, as i have said, there is no sealing as you can earn as much as you spend more time.

You can work at anytime and anywhere working from home or if you went camping with family and friends.

There are tons of companies willing to pay for you to do survey, because for those companies, vital information is very important to their business from people like us, who are consumers.

Those companies will pay anyone, just to take them to do survey, for which will financially benefit them.

So start today and sign up right now, one of the reputable marketing research firm is called “Get Cash For Survey“.

This is done thru their website, just fill some form and get started right away.

So as soon as its approach, you will start to get email alerts on your email.

So I suggest to make an email specifically for this paid survey job, so you would know that it came from them, and won’t missed any email alert.

Because this is important, the more email alert, the more money you can make.

So doing online survey, is a true money making program that you can depend on.

So I hope this helps you get started and put money in your pocket, that can help you pay bills on time, or even buy your dream house in the near future.

Is This Actually REAL? Can You Get Money From Surveys?

To be honest, I was very skeptical about it.

Because I don’t understand, why my opinion counts, and some company out there will pay to do survey!

I heard tons of scary stories making money online.

But I guess everyone is entitled to have their own opinion.

No doubt about that!

But if this is true, Yeh!

I can do this and earn some extra cash in my pocket and save it to get some more stuff on “The” Boxing Day.

Well, I heard how the program works is signing up in a true and real money making survey site.

If you can find one, its good, because paid survey programs been out there for a long time.

If you’re already IN, if you have 30 minutes spare a day, why not take it and make some extra money, it can also help to pay some bills.

But you can work as much as you would, anytime and anywhere.

It is easy to register, setup your profiles, some information on how you can get paid and get you started earning from the comfort of your home.

They have the system setup for what type of products you like and they asked you to give an opinion about it.

So the system will only show products that you know about that’s the good thing, so could an expert to get an opinion from.

Your opinion matters to companies about their products, as well as important market research firms, that is hired to find out what consumers wants and needs.

So its an awesome way to get your opinion about a certain product and get paid right?

So the income opportunity has no limit, so you can earn as much as you want and complete a survey.

Ideas on how much per completed survey?

It all depends ranging from $1 to $5 or even more per completed survey.

PLUS, you can also earn some more money by making referrals and cash prizes.

Yeah heard that right?

To be honest, this is one of the nice and comfortable jobs out there that actually can make you some extra cash, for some made it their primary job, as they earn more and become more profitable by spending most of their time doing it.

So I suggest to start and sign up today.

Hey, it will help you to learn more about this money making work from home program by clicking the link below.

Good luck and Congratulations in advance.

Is Paid Online Survey Makes REAL Money?

So many folks area unit yearning for easy, legitimate ways in which to earn additional money.

Your computer is often a decent potential tool to use for generating financial gain, however it are often overwhelming to undertake to select a straightforward thanks to begin creating cash quick.

One among the ways in which you’ll build some tight money on-line is by finishing surveys.

But, area unit paid surveys real?

A concern we have a tendency to all have is being taken advantage of or tricked somehow on-line, that the question of area unit paid surveys real could be a terribly legitimate concern and question.

The good news is that affirmative, paid surveys area unit for real, Associate in Nursing you only got to choose the great ones to earn an honest greenback on line.

There area unit lots of survey corporations out there, therefore you initially got to decide what it’s you are looking for.

Are you yearning for an organization that pays straight cash?

An organization that gives rewards?

Perhaps an organization that gives different incentives, bonuses and referral opportunities?

By initial deciding if you would like to only get paid, or produce other further opportunities from the survey corporations to form cash aside from from the paid surveys alone, it’ll facilitate slim down your focus.

A real and of taking surveys on-line is that you simply haven’t got to fret concerning making a web log, web site or any of that different testy stuff that scares individuals aloof from operating on-line.

By finishing surveys on line, you actually have a chance to contribute valuable input to many corporations seeking input from customers.

They use your opinions to assist develop or perhaps improve their product and services.

Supported your age, manner and different demographic info, they’re going to pay you for serving to them save time and cash shot on what individuals such as you actually need from them.

You are very serving to these corporations determine what is vital and what to concentrate on, that is why they are willing to pay you for finishing surveys.

The work of finishing the surveys is simple, and usually solely takes between 10-20 minutes per survey.

You will additionally cash in of corporations causing you product to undertake and so review, that is another superb chance for you to explore.

This is an ideal thanks to build additional money for anyone willing to place in exactly a little quantity of your time for his or her opinions, and is ideal for stay-at-home moms with restricted time, retired persons or simply anyone wanting to form more money.

Are paid surveys real?

They’re terribly real and work all right for anyone with some spare time to share their honest opinions concerning virtually many product and services on-line.

Toluna Review : Win Some Great Rewards with Toluna

Opinions really matter in the world where there are so many products and services available.

If you are looking for something that can offer you cash and rewards for your opinions you can look out for sites like Toluna that can offer you good rewards for the surveys that you fill up online.

Toluna has remained one of the top survey sites on the internet where many people fill up various surveys that help them earn income.

The site allows you to do lot more than many other survey companies and therefore you are always engaged in various activities.

Registration is never an issue with Toluna because users never really need to do lot of registration work.

The site allows them to quickly sign up and get some of the best surveys that are provided to them based on their profile information.

However, there is no need to sign up as well because the site allows users to quickly sign in using their Facebook account.

This makes the entire registration process easier especially for first time users that would like to take advantage of the site.

The site also allows better way to sign up and therefore the overall interface of the site is interesting and colorful making the browsing experience better for the users.

With Toluna users can always make the most of the online surveys for money that they fill out because the surveys are designed to require simple answers and therefore filling up the surveys will not take much time.

Some of the surveys are smaller and therefore they take less than 10 minutes while some might take 20 minutes to finish it.

However, it is important that you focus on your profile that you need to fill up just after you have signed in for the first time because the surveys that most users get on Toluna are based on their profile information and therefore the profile information must be accurate and updated at all times to ensure that you get better surveys that can help you earn more.

All the surveys that you participate in will provide you with points that allow you to win cash or rewards.

Hence, all users have to focus on gathering more points that can help them to earn more rewards in the future.

The site is better in terms of graphics and therefore users get to know what they can win if they get to the amount of points that they need to make to secure that reward.

Toluna users can always keep check on the points that they have collected and that way it becomes easier for the users to take control of their surveys in the future.

However, points remain valid for just 16 months from the moment they are credited in your account.

This actually means that users have to work hard for the surveys and at times it can be that you won’€™t be able to collect the amount of points that you need for the reward you have in your mind.

The not so good thing about Toluna is that you don’t get the cash reward all the time.

The prize draw takes only once a month and therefore you cannot win more cash on the site compared to the amount of rewards.

Hence, if you are good with rewards then you can make use of Toluna for online surveys.

The interesting thing about Toluna is that you can always stay connected with the social networking sites through it.

The site allows you to post all the information on your social networking sites so that you can share it with your friends and contacts.

However, the site currently do not support Google + and Twitter and other social networks.

With the help of this option it becomes easier for the users to share their winnings.

The site offers some of the best rewards but users that are looking out for cash rewards will not get the right kind of satisfaction from Toluna as it does not offer cash prizes.

There are polls and other options available on the site that users can participate in to improve their chances to win more points in their profile but it actually comes down to the amount of time and surveys that are filled in to take advantage of the options available on the site.

ClearVoice Surveys : Win Better Rewards and Income through ClearVoice Surveys

There are many survey sites that offer lot of options to allow you to voice your opinions and at the same time offer you a chance to earn some extra cash.

If you are looking for a reliable site with online surveys for money check out our list of survey companies reviews.

You can look out for sites like ClearVoice Surveys as they are a pretty reliable option.

If you are planning to get some side income for yourself that can help you in the future you can always take some time out to fill up the surveys that they offer.

The good thing about ClearVoice Surveys is that you don’t really need to spend much time on registration.

If you do not have a Facebook account or do not wish to let your friends see what you’re doing on ClearVoice you can always ergister with an e-mail.

However, you can easily use Facebook login information just as well.

This allows you to save your time and you can straightaway focus on making your profile more complete, which can offer you better surveys in the future.

However, like most of the popular survey sites users need to focus on the profile information that they fill out because that is really going to offer them with better surveys and also the number of surveys that they will have in their account.

ClearVoice Surveys do not allow users to pick the surveys that they like and therefore users do not really have the option to decide how many surveys that can fill up.

The not so good thing about ClearVoice Surveys is that sometimes users can get one survey per week and sometime none in a week so the quantity of survey is never the same and that can be a problem for those who want to make good income on the ClearVoice Surveys.

While the surveys are not regular and they can damage the income flow another not so good thing is that not all surveys offer the same prize money.

While some surveys are smaller some surveys are large and therefore the survey money can be anything from 10 cents to $5 depending on how many questions are available in the survey.

This can also impact the flow of work because some of the small surveys are not more than 10 minutes long and therefore users need to make sure that they fill up more surveys that can allow them to earn more income if they are more dependent on ClearVoice Surveys.

However, users can always log in to the site and they can find more surveys available on the site at times and that can help the users to make the most if they are qualified for the survey.

ClearVoice Surveys are really good in terms of the payout but they do charge more fees for the transactions and therefore it can hurt some of the users that want to have more income.

Some of the users agree that Paynoneer option available on the site is not really in their interest and therefore most of the users usually stick to Amazon which is a great option for the users.

If users are interested in earning more money they can also participate in the sweepstakes winners circle and that will help them to earn $1000 per month which is a good chance to earn more income.

ClearVoice Surveys also offer better customer support to the users and therefore users can always email their queries to the customer support representatives and that way it becomes easier for the users to ask their queries.

The customer support is always ready to reply all the doubts and queries that the users have and therefore it becomes convenient for the users to quickly resolve their issues regarding surveys or for the payments that they want to receive.

The site is already a CASRO member and therefore you can rely completely on ClearVoice Surveys that they will provide you with the money that you have earned by voicing your opinions.

However, the transactions can take more than two weeks and that can upset some of the users that need better transaction and payment methods to earn quick rewards and income.

MySurvey Review : Should Register with MySurvey?

Online surveys also known as paid surveys have gained lot of popularity these days and therefore many people around the world look out for better paid survey sites that can offer them ultimate web experience.

While there are many paid survey sites on the internet you need to focus on some reputed sites that have the reputation of offering genuine surveys that converts into payments that you can rely on.

MySurvey has remained one of the popular paid survey sites on the internet because it offers wide range of options and features that are usually missing on other sites.

Here we take a quick look at some of the top features of MySurvey site.

When you are using MySurvey site you don’t really need to make any payments to get registered and therefore you can be sure that you are on the right site.

Most fake paid survey sites do that and they demand upfront fees for registration.

With MySurvey the registration process is simple, easy and free of cost.

You can make use of your regular email address and just type in the information and get registered in seconds.

Hence, you don’t have to waste all your time filling up those long and complicated registration forms.

However, the registration is for US residents only.

If you are a new user you need to look out for other site links that are provided below on the home page.

For instance, if you are from Singapore you can click on Singapore option below on the home page and it will redirect you to MySurvey Singapore home page.

Similarly you can also look out for local home pages for other countries like Canada, Malaysia, Australia, UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy, and many more.

With MySurvey you also have the option to select what kind of topics you want to research on when you are looking out for surveys.

This means that you have the option to choose topics and subjects that you are interested in.

You can always voice out your true opinions and experiences and make sure that you are filling up all the surveys with honesty.

With MySurvey you don’t have to look out for surveys that have topics that you have no idea about.

This means that every time you fill up the information you are mentioning your true experiences and opinions rather than making it up which simplifies your job.

The reward system works differently when it comes to MySurvey because users have the option to convert their points into cash or rewards depending on their choice.

This is something that most paid surveys sites do not offer but with MySurvey you have the liberty to redeem all your research points into rewards or money depending on your choice.

You also have the option to quickly convert all your points into cash with the help of PayPal and various other payment methods.

On the other hand, you can look out for rewards from various firms like and Applebees and Macy’s Inc.

The survey site also allows users to make use of their site and join them as affiliate.

This means that if you have your own website or blog you can join the affiliate team and also earn more money through your site.

The site also allows users to make use of various sweepstakes and giveaways and therefore users always have the opportunity to win more prizes and cash on MySurvey site.

The site also offers various referral programs that can be used to make the most out of the site and make better income in short limited time.

If you have more friends that would like to join such referral sites you can definitely bring them on MySurvey that would offer you better rewards and cash for referrals.

You can also make some good side income with the site as it offers genuine option to earn money.

The site has been accredited by BBB and therefore you can be sure that you are not on any fake site that will cheat you.

The site has also been certified by various other firms so that you can be sure that you get paid for all the surveys that you fill in.

What Are The Legit Online Surveys for Money Sites?

While making a living by taking online surveys is generally considered to be impossible, it can be a way to make some extra spending money in spare time otherwise spent aimlessly surfing the web.

Sites offering payment for surveys may either offer money or, more often, discounts or points which can be accumulated to get products or services cheaper or for free.

A major problem is that survey research has been latched onto by unscrupulous advertisers, who have made it difficult to differentiate legitimate survey sites from get-rich-quick schemes and disguised ads.

According to Spencer Mitchell, survey panels often pay from $1 to $10 for completed surveys, with most coming in under $5 when directly valued as cash.

Sites vary widely as to number and types of surveys offered. Paid surveys can take anywhere from several minutes to over an hour to complete.

Some Ways to Avoid Survey Research Scams

Any survey site which requires any sort of paid sign-up should be avoided.

Other red flags include sites which guarantee a certain amount of hours or big money for taking online surveys.

While survey research can be a legitimate way for businesses (and even occasionally the government) to get information from the public, it’s not a 9-to-5 job and by its nature can never pay great amounts of money to any single participant.

In fact legitimate survey research sometimes doesn’t offer money directly at all, but rather product samples or even small donations to charity on behalf of a participant.

How can one tell legitimate survey research sites from scams and companies using surveys simply as a disguise for ads or subscription services?

Ask yourself if a particular site seems interested in your input, or if it seems to be selling something, especially a single product or service.

Does the site seem to be gathering more personal information than necessary, perhaps for sale to third parties?

Perhaps most importantly, is the site trying to get you to pay, perhaps with promises or suggestions that you’ll earn much more back?

Remember that rewards such as money should always flow toward, not away from, a survey or market research participant.

Sites such as ScamBusters, or simply running a web search for the name of the survey site together with terms such as “scam” can also help.

Another great tool includes survey user review sites. Industry organizations and standards bodies can be an additional useful way to positively identify survey sites that are on the up-and-up.

Possibilities include the American Assocation for Public Opinion Research (AAPOR), the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (, the Council of Marketing and Opinion Research ( and world market research organization ESOMAR (

Some Survey Sites for Money

This list is not complete, and no guarantees are made as to the legitimacy of any site.

Remember to never pay money for any survey opportunity (and be wary of any site that asks for your email address with promises to send you lists of valuable surveys, as it’s probably a scam).

Some of the sites listed let users select surveys for themselves, while others feature a decent volume of surveys but actively  match users with organization surveys based on demographic data.

Others offer users only a few paid surveys per year. (American Consumer Opinion)

This site is free to join, and periodically sends its members surveys.

Surveys are on the short side, with each survey taking around ten minutes to complete.

The main drawback to this site is the low volume of surveys, as it only suggests that it will send each member several surveys per year.

Features paid surveys and free sign-up.

Members who complete a full profile get access to more  survey opportunities.

Survey invitations are sent by email, and completed surveys are paid in points which can be redeemed as cash.

Members may occasionally “screen out” of surveys (fail to qualify) but the site still promises to reward members in such cases.

Features some paid surveys, as well as sweepstakes entries for other completed surveys.

Free sign-up. While this site offers rewards mostly in the form of points which can be exchanged for products on sites cush as Amazon and iTunes, it also offers cash sweepstakes entries.

Free sign-up. Claims to have rewarded its participants with over $15 million dollars in 2012, with reward options including Paypal and Amazon gift cards.

Features a sweepstakes program called Sweepland, where completed surveys earn entries in prize drawings, with some instant-win possibilities including cash.

The site only commits to giving members “some” opportunities to earn cash directly, with the focus seeming to be sweepstakes entries.

A leading site. Opinion Outpost offers both a point-reward system where rewards can be redeemed for cash via PayPal, but also prize drawings for certain surveys.

It also offers the interesting option to trade in points in exchange for charitable donations.

After a member signs up, the site matches the member with client companies.

After completing each survey successfully, credits a member’s account.

No guarantees are made as to how many surveys will be offered to each participant, with matching occuring based on demographic data.

Completing  optional “portrait surveys” can enhance a user’s opportunities to participate in paid surveys, by enabling better matching to the requested demographics of particular surveys.

In addition to taking surveys, SurveySavvy users can also choose to participate in market research by using the software tool SavvyConnect, which monitors users as they surf the web.

The software  simultaneously and unobtrusively transmits market research data in the background.

While this may seem intrusive, the software offers a private-browsing feature which lets users disable background transmissions when desired.

Free to join. Surveys are select-able by the user, with some offering instant PayPal payments and others cash prize drawing entries offering up to $10,000.

It offers a wide variety of surveys on consumer products and services.

Points can also be redeemed at retailers including Amazon, Foot Locker, and Barnes & Noble. Besides ordinary surveys, it features “Spot Challenges” for chances to win more rewards.

If you are interested in further info on online surveys for money, watch Susan explain how she makes over $300 per month doing just that: