How To Protect Yourself From Online Marketing Failure

With some many people having access to the internet who are in a position to make money online, it’s almost impossible that you have never been confronted with online marketing failure.

I mean, everybody knows at least one person who says to have tried to make money online, but it didn’t work out right?

If you’re an internet marketing newbie and would like to know how you can protect yourself from online marketing failure, then this blog post is for you.

How To Protect Yourself From Online Marketing Failure

Don’t get discouraged when you hear more stories of failure than actual online marketing success.

The most important thing is that you learn how to transform past failures into current success.

The following list is an overview of things that you need to know if you want to protect yourself from online marketing failure.

6 Things That Will Protect You From Online Marketing Failure

So if you get started in online marketing, you have to set your expectations appropriately.

I have said this a million times before: your expectations are the key to success.

If you’re just getting started with running and want to run a marathon one week later, you will fail. You have to set a goal that is achievable, make a plan and implement it step by step.

How To Deal With Negativity On The Internet

Secondly, you have to understand that the internet itself is a fantastic way to connect with people, share information and make money.

The most important thing is that you learn how to deal with the things that are going on the internet.

Negativity is everywhere; not only on the internet. Don’t let negativity stand in your way to personal growth and become a better person.

If You Believe That Online Marketing Is About You, Online Marketing Failure Will Be The Outcome

Sometimes people make the biggest mistake possible by thinking that it’s all about them.

The truth is that online marketing is all about offering the things that the marketplace needs.

Internet marketers use the internet to share information, services or products that solve people’s problems.

Another well-known reason for online marketing failure is not focusing on own success.

Sometimes online marketers spend so much energy on trying to discredit another product or business that they hardly focus on what their own business venture needs to succeed.

I’m personally very grateful that I discovered online marketing, because it gave me the opportunity to help other people and be someone of value.

If you have an example of how you protected yourself from online marketing failure, please feel free to share it on this blog.

How To Make Real Money Online No Scams

Are you confused about the precise nature of home based business?

Wondering about the foundations of this business and what exactly you need to do to make money?

Focus on understanding the basics of this industry, money will follow you.

I would like to discuss with you few important considerations to help you pass through this new journey easily.

One of the key things that your home based business involves is calling your potential business partners.

You will have to call up people who are interested in getting information about your business.

The idea is to always focus on helping the other person.

If you concentrate on making a deal then obviously the other person will not be interested in doing business with you.

Always remember that the other person is looking for an opportunity to earn more money and you have to help them realize their dreams.

Your ability to communicate well and ask the right kind of questions from the client will determine the amount of information that you can extract from him.

Each person that you interact with is different and will have his own reasons for joining the Home Based Business.

Your communication should open up the client so that he is able to share his financial, personal and professional problems.

This will help you understand the client’s requirements.

Once you are clear of your client’s requirements you can discuss with him about how the home based business can provide him freedom from all his issues.

This business is all about calling people and letting them know how you can help them.

The more people you connect with, the more likely you are to succeed.

How do you end up calling people?

Do you just call anybody on this earth and embark your business plan on them?

Of course not, hence before you end up calling anybody you need people to call and ask for information about your business.

But, for people to call you they should be aware that you are into this business.

Hence, you need to market your business effectively to let people know about your business.

Marketing your business online is one of the valuable ways to help generate leads at the cheaper price.

Once you get sufficient database of people interested in your business you can always call them up and share your business opportunity with them.

Thus, essentially the crux of this business is to market it effectively and then call up potential business partners.

We at home business builders provide you the right kind of training to help you market your business online and teach you the art of communication with the potential business partners.

So, now are you clear about what exactly this business involves and how you actually end up making money?

Are you ready for it?

Fiverr Vs Upworks Vs Alternatives Are These Services Worthwhile?


I’ve been receiving quite a few questions regarding Fiverr and what my opinion about them is, so I’ve decided to heed the call of the masses and write a review about this program.

Fiverr is similiar to other services on the Internet, where, someone is offering to complete a said task for you in exchange for payment.

The attraction to Fiverr, when it first started on the Internet, is that, all of the jobs (they refer to as gigs) would only ever cost a person $5.

This was vastly different from alternate websites, like Upworks as you would have to negotiate a fee and most of the time the fee would be much higher than $5.

Off the bat I need to say that I have not used Fiverr myself, but there are hundreds of reviews about them on the internet.

So what I did was to look at the first 15 Fiverr reviews on Google and put them all together, bringing you this composite review.

This means of course that instead of you having to read through 15 reviews yourself, you can now simply read this one which is a composition of the first 15 reviews on Google.

Yes, I know, I’m such a kind person – you can thank me later or buy me a beer if you want to…

A Difficult One

So this one is quite difficult to place. Out of the 15 reviews I have read, the majority of comments are negative, ranging from ‘What a bunch of assholes they are!” to “Never, ever use them.”

‘So what’s the problem?’, you might ask, ‘obviously the majority rules and it is a crappy program.’

Normally I would agree, but the case made by the minority of positive comments actually makes a lot of sense.

I got comments such as “Fiverr is excellent value for money” to “The absolute best experience I’ve ever had with an online referral company”, and then a few remarks similar to this: “all those people making negative remarks, either do not understand English or cannot read” – and this is where my problem lies.

What Is Fiverr?

First things first though.

What exactly is Fiverr all about?

Fiverr is a platform that brings people with a specific skill together with people who want to make use of that skill, for instance, let’s say you are good at standing on your head while whistling any tune.

Somewhere out there is a guy who wants somebody to whistle a romantic melody, while standing on his head, to this guy’s girlfriend. They hook up on Fiverr and for $5, a video is made and sent to the happy customer who passes this on to his girlfriend, who loves him forever and ever for being such a romantic and creative dude…

If you think this is absurd, you should really check out what they offer at Fiverr:

I Will Let You Insult Me For 15 Minutes

I Will Send You Photos Of My Feet

I Will Be Your Girlfriend On Facebook And Leave Flirty Comments

Now these ‘jobs’ are called ‘gigs’ and obviously there are more serious gigs available on Fiverr, like website construction, writing articles for blogs, translation and many, many more.

You can either be a buyer or a seller on Fiverr and it seems as if it is mostly the buyer experience that gets negative reviews.

But let’s get to the actual reviews.

The Pro’s

The site looks absolutely great, it’s easy to navigate and obviously designed by professionals.

There are a lot of sellers and an enormous variety of interesting gigs.

One user who has been a buyer and seller on Fiverr for 3 years remarks that he has ‘never lost money’ on Fiverr.

He admits though that there is a learning curve once you start making use of their services and you are likely to have a bad experience at some time, but this is not to say that all your experiences will be bad.

This makes a lot of sense to me.

Everybody has to learn how to ride a bike and if you fall once, it’s no reason not to try again.

Many users are making $20 to $25 a day up to $4k in a month on Fiverr and reckon that this freelance site is ‘one of the best out there.’

Lots of users say that they have bought gigs many times in various sections without any hassles.

The sellers are professional and have lots of reviews and the community is active and supportive.

Quite a few people commented on the awesome community, saying that they are very understanding and willing to work with you, especially if you are new to it.

Among the positive reviews there is a constant thread going along the line of ‘I have never not been paid by Fiverr.’

This is quite interesting seeing that there are many people complaining about the exact opposite. (More about that under ‘Con’s’)

The Con’s

Ok, so here we go with the litany of negatives:

“I cannot create an account to become a customer and there is no one alive from Fiverr to offer assistance in what is obviously a technical glitch.”

“There is no real help or customer service in Fiverr…”

“Their concept is brilliant but lacking in the most fundamental basis of business ethics and principles.”

“A huge number of scam sellers.”

“Their customers support is not only useless but just plain stupid.”

“After a year on Fiverr as both seller and buyer, I have to conclude that Fiverr is just cheating both buyers and sellers.”

“Absolute nonsense and a waste of time and money.”

“Save yourself the aggravation and money.”

“Got a problem with a purchase? Tough, no refunds. That is Fiverr’s policy…”

“Absolute swindlers.”

…and my personal favorite…

“Never, ever hire these clowns.”

Some More Of The Same

This customer’s story is representative of many others who complain about more or less the same thing:

“I ordered a print and never received it. I asked for a refund. My money was deposited into a Fiverr account, when I asked for a refund to my PayPal account I was ignored until I made it actionable by opening a dispute via PayPal. I was then told they wouldn’t refund my money until I closed the dispute because it violated their terms of service. I have since had to escalate it to a PayPal claim. What a ridiculous waste of time.”

Another customer says that he outsourced a simple android game to three different sellers to finish.

One of them changed his recovery email address, the other one tried to copy his credit card information and the third guy copied the source code and never got back to him.

Somebody else complains that there was a huge language barrier that did not allow for clear communication and somebody else said that he got a seller who was willing to make a web page for him for $5, NOT REALIZING THAT THERE ARE VERY FEW PEOPLE WHO WILL DO QUALITY WORK FOR THAT AMOUNT OF MONEY.

The page was nothing close to what he had ordered, but this is exactly where I think the problem lies with many of the negative comments made.

You get what you pay for. If you pay peanuts, you’re going to get monkeys to do the work.

In Short

Another person did a real life study on Fiverr and came to the following conclusion:

My Personal Take

As I said right at the start of this post, I find it difficult to reach a verdict on this one.

Yes, there are many complaints and negative remarks, and some of these are pretty serious, but why then are there such strong, positive remarks also, like this one:

“The customer support at Fiverr is one of the best on the Internet right now! I can give my life for that statement.

They are responsive, honest and helpful.”

Fiverr has been around since 2009 and has since grown exponentially.

They claim to have completed transactions worth well over $40 million and they currently boast over 2 000 000 services.

That is a shit load of services, let me tell you!

So my question is – if Fiverr were such a shitty company, why are there so many people selling their services there, and why has there been such a phenomenal growth in this company?

This same question can be trumped by asking – but why are there so many complaints about them?

I think the answer lies in the following two comments from users:

“Don’t expect to pay $5 for a service that SHOULD cost you hundreds and be upset if you don’t get the kind of quality that you would have if you’d paid competitive pricing for that service or product.”


“Like with any other freelance marketplace, Elance, oDesk, etc. you don’t have to worry about the company, you have to worry about the buyers and sellers who choose to use the platform.”

What this says to me is that you have to do your homework before buying a service on Fiverr.

Do your research, look at the seller’s reviews before you buy.

As a seller it seems to be a good place to make a couple of extra bucks, although there are people who make serious income from Fiverr.

Final Verdict

Judging purely on the magnitude of the company Fiverr is definitely NOT a scam.

It is a legitimate opportunity for ordinary people to make money off any skill they might have.

Be aware though that there are unscrupulous characters lurking around Fiverr just as there are similar characters everywhere in the world of internet marketing.

If you consider buying a serious service from Fiverr, be on the lookout and do your homework thoroughly!

If you are looking to make very good money online, Fiverr might not be the very best opportunity for everybody and I invite you to look at my number one recommendation to make good consistent money off the internet, Wealthy Affiliate.

Please feel free to drop me a comment below. I would love to hear from you.