Why You Need An Autoresponder For Your Online Business

If you’re an online marketer, you’re probably aware that auto-response emails are very important.

It’s a great way to send out thank you notes, registration confirmations, and even referrals to complementary resources.

In a nutshell, autoresponders have several purposes in an online business.

Though, aside from those, what are the tangible benefits of using an autoresponder?

Allow me to answer that question for you.

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider using one:

1. Spread the Message and Widen Your Reach

In auto-response emails, as well as thank you messages, it’s possible to embed social media buttons that will influence the readers to share what you have delivered.

Also, the social media buttons are one of the effective ways on how you can promote your business and widen your reach.

A lot of Internet marketers who have utilized the content-sharing buttons could agree with the fact that it’s a great way to increase the number of those who will promote your offer.

2. Ensures Good Customer Service

Although autoresponders don’t always bring value, and just flood the inbox with unnecessary junk contents, it usually serves as a good reference for the community where you belong.

Just try to imagine this, if someone signed up for a webinar, there’s a huge possibility that he’ll be waiting for the confirmation email.

Likewise, if they’re in search of ways on how to access a recently downloaded email, a confirmation email will be a convenient tool for them when it comes to reaching the information they need.

3. A Way to Introduce Secondary Conversion Events

If you have come up with an offer that’s specifically designed to generate a lot of views, it’s important to ensure that it’ll tie well into the product.

If this doesn’t work, you can consider the use of a secondary offer in your autoresponder.

For example, you could include a PS for a product demonstration or a free trial and see which one works best.

4. A Way to Turn Visitors and Subscribers into Customers

An autoresponder allows you to enjoy a repeated contact with your subscribers.

Studies show that more than 60% of visitors don’t usually make a purchase on their first visit.

Likewise, these visitors may forget about your website and the products you offer and even your name after the first contact.

With an autoresponder, you can keep your website, product, and name in the mindset of your visitors and influence them to try the products or services you have.

5. Avoid Being labelled as a Spammer

As an Internet marketer, you’ll have the need to send a number of emails to your subscribers’ list.

There will be some who will choose to unsubscribe to this and if you’ll prohibit them from doing that, they’ll just report you as a spammer.

An autoresponder often has an unsubscribe link in the email and they can click on it whenever they want to unsubscribe from you.

This will automatically remove these people from the list, and you don’t have to waste your time deleting the unsubscribers manually.

Here are the other reasons why you should really give autoresponder a try:
– It allows the user to send personalized emails with recipients’ names, countries, and other information gathered from them.

This can make the email more compelling, because you can make the readers feel that the emails were sent to them personally.

– Sending helpful information and updates about your products is also possible with the help of an autoresponder.

You can deliver these messages at regular intervals, depending on what’s convenient for you.

– It’s a great way to drive traffic to a site– it can be yours or someone else’s.

All you have to do is send emails to your group of subscribers– in the email, state the reasons why they should visit the site.

That being said, with an autoresponder, you don’t have to worry about your website or personal blog getting dry.

– With the help of an autoresponder, you can send messages to prospective clients without worrying if you’re bothering, interrupting, or infringing their privacy.

Keep in mind; they have given you the permission to send them emails the moment they have signed up on your website or blog.

– An autoresponder increases the chances of repeat customers.

Once you have gathered a group of loyal customers, all you have to do is send them a new offer in regard to the product you’re trying to promote and they’ll be more than excited to transact with you again.

Overall, an autoresponder can help your business grow and stay far ahead from your competitors.

So, if you want to double your income at the soonest possible way, then you better consider setting an autoresponder now!

Affiliate Marketing Through Email Marketing: Here’s how!

If you’re an affiliate marketer, there are a lot of reasons why you should consider email marketing.

For one, there’s always the risk of being penalized by Google as you try to promote the product or service online, especially if you don’t follow the rules or criteria set by the major search engines.

Likewise, considering the fact that email marketers have buyer information, they often have a list or database of buyers from where they can send or promote their affiliate products to.

We have compiled some the best email marketing strategies that you can try:

1. Never Oversell to Your Subscribers

This is the most common mistake a lot of affiliate marketers make when it comes to email marketing.

Although it’s very helpful to have a list where you’re going to sell your products to, you shouldn’t even consider selling all the time.

Instead, try to breakup the stream of email sales and offer useful contents.

Try to aim for about 80:20 ratio.

What does this imply?

For example, you should send 4 straight emails that are relevant and useful to your readers, then send 1 email that focuses on the selling part.

This strategy can result in a number of positive things. For one, you’re giving your subscribers the assurance that you’re not going to spam them.

Likewise, it also shows that aside from selling your products, you’re also there to give useful and helpful contents.

Through this, you can train them to open your emails, because they’ll know that they have something to expect every time you send them something– aside from selling your products.

2. Offer a Lead Magnet

In order to build your list as fast as possible, you should consider creating a lead magnet.

Through this, you have to offer the lead magnet as a free gift to those who will sign up for your email list.

3. Consider Offering More Than One Lead Magnet

It doesn’t matter if you’re in a super-tight niche, there’s still a possibility that you will also cover more than one subtopic in this niche.

For instance, maybe some of your posts are about deep sea fishing in the

Atlantic, but you also have some posts about deep sea fishing in the Pacific.

It doesn’t matter what the topics are, you’re allowed to offer more than one lead management for each.

In fact, some of the most successful affiliate marketers have doubled their opt-ins using this technique.

4. Segment

If you want more sales and higher click-through rates even with a limited number of subscribers, then you should consider segmenting your lists.

What is segmenting?

It’s a method where you need to split up the email list based on your subscribers preferences and behavior.

If you’ve been in the affiliate marketing industry for quite some time now, you have probably seen segmenting preferences all over the Internet.

Basically, any opt-in form that asks people whether they prefer text emails or html is considered as segmenting.

Likewise, any form that asks the audience to check the box indicating their interest about something is also segmenting.

Segmenting based on preferences is quite ideal, however, segmenting according to behavior is much better than this.

5. Consider Using a Pop-up

As an affiliate marketer, your job is to draw potential readers that will turn into customers and redirect them off your site to make a sale.

In the meantime, while these people are on your site, the best thing you can do is gather their email addresses just in case you wouldn’t see or hear from them again.

Pop-ups are one of the best ways on how you can do this.

6. Test the Pop-up

If you want to earn a decent amount through affiliate marketing, then start testing.

Even a simple A/B split tests can have a positive impact over time.

Aside from that, you can also use online tools, such as Optimizely or Visual Website Optimize to set up these tests.

7. Save Your Time Using an Autoresponder That Looks Like an Email

This is very helpful, especially if you’re part of several affiliate sites. If possible, you should try faking an email newsletter with the use of an autoresponder.

No doubt, if you’re going to create a newsletter every week, this can really be time consuming– it doesn’t matter if you already have a template and email content ready, just laying it out, testing it, and sending it to your subscribers will take at least an hour.

That’s why you should use an autoresponder instead.

This will allow you to create two, three, or even twelve email messages all the same time!

Overall, email marketing for affiliate marketers is a great way to improve affiliate sales, especially if you know how to use it, and these tips will serve as your guide during the process.