Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

To make money with affiliate marketing, it is important not to lose sight of the basics.

Setting up a website and plastering it with banners and ads is not enough and will just turn people off.

You don’t get something for nothing, and the same applies here.

So what does it really take to earn an income through affiliate marketing?

Below are some important basic points that will help you get started.

Building Relationships

Think about building relationships with your readers – This is the basis for earning a long-term income through affiliate making, and it’s one that most miss.

Consider a real brick and mortar business, they all depend on repeat customers coming back and buying their products/services.

If they didn’t have any repeat customers, they would all very quickly go out of business.

It’s not enough to just rely on passing traffic in the hope that someone will buy their products and services; they need to build long-term relationships.

Relationships build trust and when you have built trust you have a warm list or audience to market to and monetize.

For most who want to make money with affiliate marketing, this is exactly what needs to take place and what affiliate marketers aim to achieve is building strong customer focused relationships through providing them with the information and advice that they were looking for when they found your site.

Which Keywords

Knowing what keywords your target market is using is vital to your affiliate marketing business.

These represent a real person who has typed these keyword phrases (usually 1-2 keywords) into a search engine to look for information.

That’s why it’s important you know the right keywords associated with your niche, as these are how your readers will eventually find your site.

This will also help you understand what information to include as part of the content webpage.

Think about not just what they are looking for, but why they are looking for it.

Think in terms of satisfying a need or providing a solution to a problem.

Long tail keywords are also important for you to consider, these represent more specific keywords phrases usually 3-4-5 words e.g make money with affiliate marketing.

Start typing a search into Google, and you will see examples of long tail key words as suggestions.

You need to include these in your content in a natural way.


Vary your content by writing about your niche in general.

Your readers are already interested in this area, and by doing more than just product reviews you are making your site more interesting and building those relationships.

Keep a calendar of key dates for your niche and plan content accordingly.

Also maintain a list of content ideas as they occur to you – the more genuine content you have the better.

Get used to writing down and recording your ideas as they come to you.

My advice is wait a week after writing down your idea before you commit to working on it.

This way you will see all your ideas in reality and not just in the context of your mood when you had the idea.

We have all had what we thought were great ideas only to later question why on earth we had the idea in the first place.

It could be that we were particularly motivated at the time and everything seemed like a great idea.


Product comparisons are a good opportunity to maximize affiliate sales; by comparing products side by side, you can provide links to each of these products.

Make sure your review is informed, drawing out the pros and cons of each options.

Do not include links to a products that you cannot recommend, instead try to find out more, or consider reviewing the product yourself.

I have personally bought products that I wanted just from a product review and from the individual that has taken the time and effort to review the product.

Quality Products

Promoting quality products is important to your readers; they are looking for products that meet their needs, arrive as promised and do not result in lots of spam mail from the supplier.

If your affiliate links are sound, customers will trust you and be more likely to try further promotions, which will help you to make money from affiliate marketing.

Testing the products is a good start; it will also improve your content, as it will be a genuine review and not just a scrape from the product descriptions since these are not really helpful or insightful.

Do not ever just grab affiliate link and market it if it has no value to your audience.

It may earn you a commission in the short term but if your audience is not happy with the product they bought they will blame you as you recommended it and you will lose the potential of future sales.

Finding The Best Programs is Vital to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Finding the best affiliate marketing program for you is important.

It is easy to chase the best paying program, but it might not be the best product match for your niche, so you immediately lose that benefit.

When you have determined your niche, look at the various programs and find the one that will service your readers best; after all, it is your readers that are making the money for you.

You can make money with affiliate marketing by looking for recurring or residual income; this is where you also get commission for future sales from the customer, and is much more preferable than one time commission.

If you find two affiliate programs that can provide good product or service matches for you and one offers recurring income, this will be more profitable.

Services like membership sites, web hosting and other subscription service that require a yearly renewal will fit into this category.

Go for affiliate programs that offer both larger one time commissions and also residual, that way you will build up a steady monthly income as well as bonus paydays.

Build a Database of Customers

Building an e-mail list is a must if you want to make money with affiliate marketing and is the backbone of any good web based business.

A website visitor may only visit your site once, but if you can capture their details, you are then in a position to market to them for a longer period of time.

You can encourage  your readers to provide their e-mail address, in exchange for a free report, guide or book, this will give you the opportunity to contact them a later date.

There are a number of good services that do this for you, AWeber being a good example.

They provide a number of world class tools designed to help you capture, attract, grow and then keep building your email list.

The saying “the money is in the list” is actually quite true.

To elaborate on this, think about some businesses like Facebook as an example that floated on the stock market and whose share price rocketed overnight.

Was this because the profits of their business grew by the same amount?

No it’s because Facebook probably has the biggest customer database in the world and that means the biggest database of potential customers to sell products to!

This is where the real value resides and why some internet businesses that don’t make any money carry some great stock market valuations.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing Ending Thoughts.

The best way to make money with affiliate marketing is to get the basics right and focusing on the points mentioned here will help you do that.

Keep your content fresh and relevant, promote good products and find the best affiliate program for you; round this off with an e-mail list and you will be well on your way to creating a long-term income earning affiliate business.

We hope you have this information on how to make money with affiliate marketing helpful.

We’ve tried to provide as much detail as possible, but if you still need to ask me a question – please reach out to me here

SiteRubix Website Builder Review – Is it Worth It?

Do I need a website to be an affiliate marketer?

This is a question you might have asked yourself already.

Yes you do.

Simple question with a simple answer.

If you want a refresher on why you need a website, go here.

Is that all there is to it?

No, there are many more issues you should consider when it comes to building and hosting a website.

If you want a website for fun, as a hobby, to share things online with friends and family then perhaps some of the critical needs can be overlooked.

If you need a website as part of your online business then you need SiteRubix.

Now on to my Review.

What is SiteRubix?

SiteRubix is a very powerful website building and website hosting platform developed by the good people at Wealthy Affiliate and originally launched in 2007.

The website you are reading right now was built on the SiteRubix platform and is also hosted by SiteRubix.

If you have been asking yourself, “how do I make a website for my business?” then should definitely have a look at the SiteRubix platform.

Quick Facts

Who is SiteRubix for?

SiteRubix is for everyone. One of the great things about SiteRubix is both newbies and experienced users can benefit by using this powerful website building platform.

If you are a newbie who just wants to test the waters without making any commitment whatsoever you can do so at SiteRubix.

Simply sign up for your free account and literally within a minute you can your very own website established.

You will be “online”.

You can then start populating your website with your very own content.

This is an excellent way to Try Before You Buy.

Keep in mind, should you decide not to upgrade to a premium plan then you still keep your websites and SiteRubix continues to provide website hosting service for you at no charge.

This is fantastic.

Experienced users also have very good reasons to consider using SiteRubix for website services, be it building a new site or transferring existing domains.

One of the big differences with SiteRubix when compared to the myriad of other companies offering websites, is that with SiteRubix you are part of the Wealthy Affiliate community.

This means you will have access to step by step information on ways to optimize your website and monetize your website.

Additionally you will have the benefit of support interaction with many thousands of users with years of experience working on websites.

How Much does SiteRubix Cost?

There are two pricing plans at SiteRubix.

Starter Membership costs $0, absolutely free, no credit card information is asked for

Premium Membership costs $47 per month or $359 if you purchase the annual plan

In a nutshell, the starter membership is a subset of the full blown Premium membership.

The key thing to remember is the starter account allows you to get your feet wet without spending any money.

If you like the look and feel of the interface and how the process works you can choose to upgrade to Premium.

If you do not upgrade to Premium you keep the 2 websites you have created and you continue to get free hosting, so what is there to lose?

When you go Premium you also become a full blown “Premium” member of Wealthy Affiliate, meaning you will have access to all phases of the detailed, step by step instruction Wealthy Affiliate offers.

This becomes a one stop solution for everything you need to set up and run a successful online business.


In my opinion the SiteRubix platform offers the most complete solution on the market today for building and hosting websites.

I especially like that you can create websites and explore the platform first with no commitment required.

It’s the platform I use for website creation and hosting so my recommendation comes from personal experience with the product.

I view SiteRubix as a game changer in the market.

If you would like to give SiteRubix a try, simply type in a name you would like to use for your website in the appropriate block below.

The system will check to see if the name is available.

Once confirmed, click Build it Now and you will only be minutes away from having your very own website online…honestly.

I hope you found this review helpful to inform you about the SiteRubix platform.

I feel this is a very good platform for anyone or any business that wants or needs to have a website.

Whether you are brand new to building websites or an experienced user you will find SiteRubix to be an excellent resource for your online presence.

How to Market Affiliate Products

Creating an affiliate website is only one option (and just the beginning) when it comes to marketing affiliate products.

The best affiliates let the world know about the product they are promoting by leveraging the best marketing levers the internet has to offer.

The good news? They are straight forward and most of them don’t cost a penny!

But make no mistake, it does take some time.

There are many things affiliates need to do well in order to succeed.

Look at the list below and start getting the word out.

1. Create an Affiliate Website

By knowing how to market affiliate products via a website, an affiliate marketer opens the door to a wide range of other tactics that can be tied to their site (such as video, podcasts, eBooks and more).

But the most important element of a website is it allows affiliate marketers to become a trusted voice in their niche.

Once trust is created with a prospect, product recommendations convert at dramatically higher rates.

2. Find and Join Discussion Forums Related to the Niche

By providing links back to the affiliate website, the affiliate should eventually score high in the organic search results from the search engines (such as Google and Bing).

Discussion forums are a great place for this, but make sure the forum provides do follow links, otherwise the search engines will ignore the “linking value”.

If possible, insert links in each post made in the discussion forum.

At an absolute minimum, make sure your signature has the ability to link back to your website.

Secondly, provide value in the forum.

Answer questions and ask thought provoking ones.

Become a trusted voice in the forum and people will want to see more of you.

So much so, they will eventually follow the link to your affiliate site.

Once there – you have them where you want them; now you can capture their email address, sell them an affiliate product, get them to click on Google Ads and so on.

They may even link to your website from theirs.

One last key item about the links back to the affiliate site; point them to the money pages.

For example, affiliates will post in a forum and post the link back to the page that is most likely to make them the most money (such as a product review of an affiliate product).

3. Write and Distribute Articles

Personally, we would rather capture the traffic directly to our own affiliate site than simply providing a link to a 3rd party website (even if it is the affiliate product site).

There is much more you can do with a visitor at your own site than simply sending them directly to a vendor.

There are hundreds of these sites and some of the best are;
And many many more…

Remember, a do follow link is just as important here as it is in the discussion forums.

A great way to see if a website provides a do-follow is to download the Mozilla Firefox do-follow utility and then browse the website to see if the outbound links are “do follow”.

Just like the discussion forums, make sure the links are pointing to your money pages.

4. Social Networking Websites

By interacting with people via Twitter, Facebook and the many other social networking sites, the relationship with a follower becomes immediate.

It is a two way communication street that often turns into a conversation.

By creating trust and showing people the affiliate is a true expert in their niche, it puts them in a terrific position to increase affiliate revenue by providing a credible recommendation for a product.

Learn how to market affiliate products via social media and you can take your income to a whole new level.

But it takes time to build a credible reputation.

Be patient.

Just like in the forums and article distributions you must provide value.

Fine your voice and value proposition and start sharing your ideas.

Conversations with followers will happen before you know it.

5. Email Autoresponder

People have grown tired of those approaches and have tuned them out.

However, the best affiliates know how to market affiliate products with an autoresponder effectively –and they make some very good money.

How Do Affiliates Earn Money Online?

Can affiliates earn money-I mean lots of money online?

Anyone thinking about becoming an affiliate marketer needs to first find out how much money can be made in this profession.

The answer is that the income potential for this kind of work is unlimited.

There are a number of different approaches to how affiliates earn money in this business.

Some affiliates stick to just promoting one type of product, either digital or tangible.

Others prefer not to be limited in their endeavors and promote both.

A Digital product would be something that is able to be downloaded, such as an eBook, courses on video and there are websites that offer memberships and those can be downloaded as well and used online.

It’s best if you choose a niche that you identify with and enjoy, then look for the products that are offered in that niche.

In almost every niche you will be able to find digital products that offer affiliates very nice commission structures.

But if you’re just starting out look at everything as you do not need to restrict your earning potential by promoting digital products only.

Take a look at the tangible products that you can promote using retailers.

A wonderful place to look for items to promote would be on Amazon which has a huge variety of products selling in practically, if not all niches.

The Internet is full of retailers that will pay you a commission when you successfully promote their products as an affiliate.

Either way you go, digital or tangible products, you will have an unlimited earning potential as an affiliate marketer.

But don’t expect to make a windfall on your first day.

This takes time. Affiliate marketing is not a “get rich quick scheme”, it’s a real business that needs to be worked at every day if you’re going to be successful and generate a really good income stream.

When you go about choosing the types of products that you might be successful promoting, there are expensive high-ticket products which generate very generous commissions, or lower-ticket items with much lower commissions, but at a lower price point, sell a lot easier and in higher numbers.

As you consider all your options you should be thinking about what kind of readers you have on your site and who your customers are.

If the people you are interacting with online are in a higher income bracket and would have the ability to purchase more expensive products, these might be a good option for you.

But if your list includes people of less means who might be offended by the high-ticket items you’re promoting, then this may not be a good move for you business wise.

When you’re trying to build relationships with people online you need to consider who they are and the kinds of things they may need.

So taking into consideration all your options, your existing readership or customer base you should be able to select which types of products you would be most successful promoting.

The main thing is to find quality products, either digital or tangible, that will have a positive impact on your consumers.

When this is done the right, this has helped lots of affiliates earn money online.

This takes commitment and dedication and won’t happen immediately.

You are going to need to take your time and choose wisely by doing the necessary research on every product, the company behind the product and the commission structure.

You will need to continue building those relationships online before you have buyers and are making the level of income you want.

With affiliate marketing, if you stay the course and maintain your commitment and understand your readership and customers and give them what they want, you are bound to succeed and make the kind of money you always dreamed of.

Getting Started As An Affiliate Marketer

The emergence of Internet has opened up a plethora of opportunities for online businesses.

The global reach of internet, means that practically anyone with an internet connection and a PC automatically, becomes a prospect for your business.

Apart from that setting up an online business, requires very little capital, nothing more than a domain name and space, to host the website.

Compared to the costs of setting up a normal establishment, the cost of setting up, an online business is peanuts.

It is precisely for this reason, a lot of people are getting on to, online businesses.

This is one of the ways to supplement, their real world income source.

But chances are pretty good, that this secondary source of income might become the primary source, of income.

Affiliate Marketing is great way, to earn a few extra bucks.

It is essentially a revenue sharing partnership, between a web merchant and you.

An affiliate is usually paid commission, on pay-on-performance basis, usually for generating leads, clicks and sales of web merchant’s products.

It’s a win-win situation, where the affiliate doesn’t have a start up cost, as well as the development cost and of course there is no cost, of maintaining a regular business.

The Merchant has a lot to gain, from affiliate marketing.

The Merchant gets a wider market, to promote a product or a service, which might have not been possible with, traditional advertising methods.

Higher the number of affiliates, higher is the traffic and higher are the chances of converting a visitor into a customer.

The Merchant does not have many overheads, because of the pay-as-you-perform, scheme.

There are many advantages, for the affiliate too.

The affiliate can earn, by just having a link or an ad to the Merchants website.

The prospective customers, will have to click on this link and make a purchase, for the affiliate, to earn a commission.

As soon as the prospect clicks on the link, he is taken to the Merchants website, where the sale is made.

At this point the affiliate, earns a commission and of course this is one of the easiest ways, to make a profit.

As emphasized earlier, both the merchant as well as the affiliate, have a lot to gain in this mutually beneficial relationship.

There are no sure shot ways to get on top, but the following tips will certainly help.

1. Create niche for yourself.

Let this niche be something, which is closer to your interests and passion.

The more you are passionate about this product, the more you will be enthusiastic, in promoting the product. It is this enthusiasm, which can make you an expert, in your niche.

This expertise will create the credibility, which is required, for any Affiliate marketer.

That would mean trust and the net result is more sales.

2. Identify good merchants

Try to find merchants who treat their affiliates well and have proven, and credible products and services.

There are numerous networks, which give you information on visit to conversion rates, most profitable products and the high paying merchants.

Irrespective of what these networks say, get into an arrangement with a merchant, who you are most comfortable, with whose products and services, you think will be relevant to your niche area.

3. Have your website

As is usual with any business, it is a must, that one must plan one’s moves.

And planning to get in traffic is something that will get you way forward, in your affiliate marketing career.

It is this web traffic, which allows you to showcase what you have, to those who need those.

Ultimately, it is the traffic generation strategies, that will help you drive your affiliate marketing career, forward.

If you know how to get people, to see what you have, then you certainly, on the right track.

What is required to succeed in affiliate business is literal potpourri, but the most important thing in the entire thing, is you and you alone.

It is your capacity, to convert your prospects and the sheer desire in your heart to succeed, that will help you succeed.

Affiliate Marketing is all about taking control, of your destiny and you decide where you want to take it…

Having a right attitude, is the key to be able to steer the ship, into serene waters of the ocean, a serenity that permeates the surrounding atmosphere, as you steer the ship along.

Does Forever Affiliate Work?

For the aspiring affiliate marketer, there’s a lot of information and guides out there about building a successful business that can provide more than enough income to live off of.

However, a lot of it isn’t good information.

Some supposed get-rich-quick guides are so aggressive that they’ll get a person kicked from an affiliate network, and get their websites deindexed from Google.

Others are just stuffed full of fat lies written by someone whose only goal was to suck the money out of desperate info-seekers. It’s sad, but this happens.

Anyone who has been giving affiliate marketing a go for even a short time, has probably bought guides that turned out to be a massive waste of their money, time, and energy.

Anyone with a brain would rather bypass any extra work and follow an effective blueprint to success. To do this, purchasing guides is often the first course of action taken.

It only makes sense that if someone wants to achieve success, they need to find and learn from another person who has achieved what they want to do.

Doing this helps take the mystery out of creating passive income online and provides a roadmap to victory.

One guide that is attracting the attention of affiliate marketers is Forever Affiliate by Andrew Hansen.

What Exactly is it About?

It is a course that details how to create passive income from minisites.

These sites can be as small as just 5 pages.

Of course, small doesn’t mean low quality.

It teaches how to write quality content that delivers value to readers and commissions at the same time.

These minisites are designed to deliver the most profit for the least amount of work.

They take advantage of free search engine traffic by ranking for targeted keywords for maximum conversions.

Search engine traffic remains to be the cheapest form (free!) and one of the highest converting forms of traffic.

The whole goal behind this guide is to show how to build lasting passive income that will keep coming month after month.

It is taught as a simple 3 phase process.

Old SEO and Linkbuilding Tactics Don’t Work

How to rank in Google has changed.

Google released several updates that have outdated an made certain linkbuilding and SEO tactics ineffective and even counterproductive.

Many minisite owners who were ranking before these updates now rank nowhere to be seen.

This led to panic in the industry and some gurus even went as far as to say that building minisites doesn’t work anymore.

Andrew Hansen, the creator of Forever Affiliate, knows this isn’t true, because he has been making passive income for the last 7 years.

He knows it works and created this guide to show others his blueprint for success.

Who is Andrew Hansen?

7 years ago Andrew Hansen was struggling to crack the code to making money online just as everyone does when they start.

He made the same mistakes as all beginners and ended up wasting a year of time an money.

Since then, however, he has been making passive income, traveling around the world, and enjoying the life that his success has granted him.

Since he’s been in the game, he’s created several products designed to help those struggling achieve success making money online.

Does Forever Affiliate Actually Work?

Some things that used to work, even just a year ago, do not work now.

This is the nature of the game, and it’s that way because the Internet, search engines, business, and the world is always changing.

Making money online isn’t difficult with the right blueprint in hand. It is difficult when trying to do something or utilize a tactic that just plain doesn’t work.

Even if it worked in the past, it doesn’t matter.

When it comes to ranking a website in Google and driving free targeted traffic to a minisite promoting an affiliate product, all that matters is what is working now.

This course contains everything from start to finish on what is working right now.

It’s the same blueprint that Andrew himself uses to build profitable minisites that earn anywhere from $300-$3000/month of passive income.

The sites that members are taught to build are set up to provide value to visitors and make money.

That way it is a win-win for both visitors and website owner.

If visitors are happy with what they are reading, Google is happy too.

The only thing is, as much as Google would like everyone to think, having a high quality website in most cases isn’t enough to get it ranked and receiving traffic.

It must be promoted, and in a way that won’t upset Google.

Promotion must appear natural and the right kinds and right proportion of backlinks should be built to effectively rank.

This is all covered in the course.

Double Money Back Guarantee

If after trying the course, following it exactly, and giving it 100%, a member can request a refund within 60 days of purchase.

Andrew will not only refund the full purchase price, he’ll also give an additional $100 out of his own pocket.

Building Landing Pages That Work For Affiliate Marketing

Have you been to an airport? Have you seen the way Aircrafts, land on the airstrip and then taxi into the airport terminal?

Very systematic, just imagine, what would happen if the Aircraft tried to land directly, on to the terminal!

Absolute chaos and discomfort to everyone and phenomenal losses.

Do you have a product?

You have created an affiliate program and adsense ads and are ready to rock and roll, but have you created a landing page, for the ads and the affiliate programs that you have created?

There is very high probability, that the answer is no!

The net result, you incur losses, because you led up the customer, to the home page of your site, instead of the page, which was supposed to give the information, about the product, the customer was searching.

The net result, you lost a prospective customer, but also lost money, in Google Adsense as well as, in the affiliate marketing program.

Landing pages are similar, to the landing strips in Airports, a page where visitors are directed to, whenever they click a web ad or a search a web result.

Landing pages would be the right place, where your potential customer should land, read the information, make a decision and then probably make a purchase.

They aren’t anything special, that would make them distinct from the other pages, just that, it is the right page where a customer, can find the information he is looking for.

You can wonder why have, extra pages, when you can send your customers, to your home page.

If you do want more, from your business i.e. more profits better create a special landing page, for your web ads.

Still in doubt, consider a few reasons below … after you read the reasons, if you decide to create one, do a professional job of it than a so-so one.

Reason #1: It is a great way to earn conversions in an affiliate marketing program

Though there are a numerous affiliate marketing programs, most of these programs ask the merchant pay the affiliate, on a pay per click basis.

Once you signup the program owner, would distribute your ads, to various affiliates who would place the ads on their websites.

So there you go, anytime your ad is clicked, the visitor would be directed to your landing page and of course you pay the affiliate for his service.

As a merchant, the only earning you make is through conversions i.e. whenever a visitor decides to buy a product.

So your expenses increase, as more traffic comes into your site.

No conversions mean, no revenue and no revenue would mean an ever increasing expense on ads.

You are getting into a loop, which would be very difficult to get out.

Your ads might be getting you enough people, interested in your products, but without a landing page, they have no way of knowing, how to purchase the products.

So have landing pages for your ads, because that is the only way, you can ever earn any money in an affiliate program.

Or else you will be in a loop, where you will be spending, spending and spending.

Reason #2: Other web pages may just not be enough.

How about landing people, on the “Contact Us” page? How about on the home page?

Well, each of these pages have their uses.

You cannot expect a visitor, to take time out to find your contact details and then purchase a product.

The same way, a home page is designed, to be a kind of welcome kit for the visitor, one that gives him just about relevant information and serves multiple visitors.

So the net result you have visitors, who have lost interest in your products already.

Keep the customer in mind, when choosing a landing page.

Let the page be relevant to the key words and the contents of your ad and lastly, it should induce your visitor, to take action i.e either by purchasing your product or direct you to customers, who would buy.

Final Word

The very purpose of you getting, into an affiliate program was to save advertising expenses and to gain more profit.

But without a proper back end, you will end up spending too much, on ads with little ROI.

If you still don’t have a Landing page, well, get one soon then. And get a great landing page.

I’m Building A Website – Should I use WordPress?

Building and maintaining websites is one of the most important tasks you will face as Affiliate Marketer.

So, it is a good idea to develop and constantly enhance skills in this field.

The reason behind that narrows down to obtaining and keeping good search engine rankings for your website.

Not only should you aim to get your site on the first page in Google, Bing and Yahoo, but also secure your high ranking with them permanently.

This is achieved by constantly adding fresh content to your site.

If you stop adding new content – your ranking will get hurt.

But what tools to use for website design,  creation and maintenance?

Can WordPress be used for that?

There are also certain SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules to follow in order to get and stay more visible on internet.

It may sound like hair-raising, technically challenging task, which almost requires a university degree.

In fact it is not, thanks to modern technology.

Let’s take a closer look at Content Managing System called WordPress, and how it can help to simplify those tasks.

If you were to build a website from scratch, you would need to learn at least basic web technologies like HTML, CSS, perhaps JavaScript.

You would need to get familiar with moving files from your computer to a web server using File Transport Protocol client.

There are quite few technical details to take care of in order to put up and run a web site online.

However, all those things are automatically done behind the scene by Content Management Systems.

WordPress is the most popular CMS used by bloggers and affiliate marketers.

It helps you to concentrate on content, instead of fighting with technical issues.

Literally, with few clicks of your mouse, and half a minute time you could create an amazing framework for your website from free WordPress templates called themes.

The result of that “hard work” would be fully functional website with public access and basic functionality like comments engine.

It means that anyone could access it from any web browser by typing in the web address of your site.

The visitors can also leave comments on your site.

Not much of technical skills involved so far!

How about customizing the look of your website the way you like it.

Perhaps you need to have one or two side bars, one to three columns in the body, footer and header.

Perhaps an image for the header would work better than simple text.

All this customization and much more can be done using intuitive Graphic User Interface.

Again, no technical skills required.

All starts with selection of a theme, or layout template.

WordPress is an open source project, which means that any developer can get access to the source code and contribute.

As a result, there are lots of themes available for free.

Most probably you will find a theme in the free section, which would fulfill your web site design requirements.

There are also premium themes that are not free.

Those claim to be easier to customize, have better support, be more optimized, and most of the time they are responsive.

Responsiveness means that they automatically adjust the display format to a device your site visitor use; PC, tablet, mobile phone.

Some free themes have responsive behavior as well.

You need to read description to find what is offered with the theme.

My personal choice goes to eleven40 Pro Theme on Genesis Framework.

No specific reason why, it just most of the details came in one package.

Again, because WordPress is very popular open source tool, there are loads of add-ons available to you free of charge.

Plugins installation is pretty simple and intuitive process, which does not require specific technical skills.

Adding plugins could help enhance functionality and performance of your site, as well as considerably simplify its maintenance.

On the other hand, there are lots of awful designed and coded add-ons, which could harm your site.

It is wise to do some research before installing a plugin, to make sure that it was tested and has no bad reviews.

Most trustful sources for this kind of information are discussions in online forums and communities of internet marketers.

Those are users with real experience, who would tell you which plugin to use, and which to avoid.

Personally, I like very much community of Wealthy Affiliates.

As a member, I can do a quick search for desired keyword in all categories of discussions, trainings and posts.

If this does not deliver satisfactory answer, people are very helpful and friendly to answer your questions in forums or live chat.

The plugins could be added or removed at any time in WordPress.

No need to worry about them from the start.

Other thing to remember is that adding too many plugins could worsen site performance; decrease initial loading time or cause unpredictable conflicts.

Here are few plugins that I use.

All In One SEO Pack

Out-of-the-box SEO for your WordPress  blog.

Basically, helps you to comply with some Search Engine Optimization techniques


Claims to be used by millions, and is quite possibly the best way in the world to protect your blog from comment and trackback spam.

It keeps your site protected from spam even while you sleep.

Google XML Sitemaps  

This plugin will generate a special XML sitemap which will help search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and to better index your blog

WP Super Cache

Helps to speed up your page loading

WP Edit

Enhance text editing options

In this section I just want to mention that plug-ins could become a security breach for your website.

Having those inactive and outdated plug-ins on your site is asking for trouble, it could give a way for hackers to access and control your site.

Two things to remember in this respect:

-Update your plugins regularly
-Delete all unused plugins

I hope this information was helpful.

Please, leave your comments if you have something to share, or have any questions.

How To Find Your Niche Market

One of the great sources of ideas how a big market is divided into small niches is website.

The major categories here are listed on the toolbar.

Hovering your mouse over one of those large market divisions will open a list of subdivisions on your left hand side, which are again clickable menu items containing sub menus with  items.

You can drill few levels down to discover potential small but lucrative niches of your interest.

Your journey as an affiliate marketer generally starts from choosing a niche.

It can be viewed as a small section of a bigger market.

In reality it is a group of people related by similar interests.

Choosing a niche in online affiliate marketing basically comes to choosing an audience that have strong interest, hopefully passion, towards that specific segment of a market.

Here are few points to consider when searching for a rewarding niche.

Any keyword typed in Google search basically represents a distinct niche.

People are constantly searching the web for different things, so there are tons of potential niches for affiliate marketers.

How to brainstorm the ideas?

What are popular products people are buying?

Answers to those questions you can find by browsing sites like or

On home page hover your mouse over “Sort by Department” at the top left corner, and click “Full store directory” at the bottom of the drop down menu.

This will open a page with categories and subcategories of all the products selling on Amazon.

Browsing through this page might help you recognize your potential niche.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about, or at least have strong interest or some knowledge about.

It will help you later to build a content of your site and interact with your visitors.

Similarly, Marketplace on will open nicely divided into categories and sub categories all the products and services which Clickbank offers for promotion to registered affiliates.

A niche should be pretty narrow.

It is hard to build an authority site in a competitive niche.

While it is still possible, it would require much more effort for a new website to rank in that niche.

High ranking in the Search Engine Result Page ensures free web traffic, which is essential aspect of online marketing.

So, the goal is to find a small segment of a market, or a niche, where people are searching solution to their specific problem, or they are ready to invest into their hobbies, sports or other activities.

Low competition should be first determining factor when searching a niche, following by the number of searches for main keyword.

Here comes another crucial element of a niche selection.

It is important from the start to distinguish between informational and commercial niches.

If the audience in the niche is mostly looking for some info, and they are not ready to spend money, then your chances to get compensated for your hard work are rather slim.

You can invest lots of time building a beautiful website, get decent traffic to it, but you will have a hard time to monetize your efforts, since your visitors are not buyers.

What is your experience with niche marketing.

Does it take too long to find right niche, or there are too many to choose from?

Do you have any questions that I could help with?

Please leave your comments below.

Best Tools To Build a Website

So, you have chosen your niche and the ideas started generating excitement.

You know that you have lots to share with your visitors, and ready to begin.

You can envision your site growing, visitors engaging in pretty interesting discussions, Search Engines Ranking is improving and Web Traffic is increasing, which allows adding more affiliate links to your site…

Maybe in the future you will need to expand your website functionality.

What exactly might be needed?

What is your technical expertise in web development technologies?

How strong is your desire to design and customize your site the way you like it?

What is the balance between DIY and using paid services?

Those are few questions you might want to consider at the initial stage of your web site creation, and here is why.

Most beginners do not have the technical skills to build a website from scratch.

The fact that you need to deal with website creation and maintenance could be pretty frightening for a new bee in Affiliate Marketing.

Luckily, there are quite few Content Management Systems (CMS) to greatly simplify this task.

Even though CMS will do loads of magic with a click of a mouse, there still is a learning curve.

So it is better to invest in learning the tool, which is most suitable for your needs.

Let’s take a look at the three most popular web building platforms used by affiliate marketers.

In general, close to 60% of all websites on the Internet are build using various CMS.

Which one to choose depends mostly on technical requirements of a website.

If you just started building a new website, then frequently added unique quality content will mostly influence your website success.

Search engines will rank your site based on its content first.

WordPress (more than 60 million websites) is the most widely utilized blogging tool and CMS on the web.

The reason for that is easy to use, intuitive and very user friendly interface.

It literally takes a few selective clicks to put up a suitable frame of a website, and concentrate on content.

WordPress is an open-source project, which leads to enormous availability of add-ons updated daily.

While some of them require payment, there are tons of free themes and plug-ins, which do not involve any technical knowledge to install.

It also implies that there is a lot of garbage up there, and you need to be careful when choosing plug-in or other add-ons for your website.

In most cases WordPress is flexible and powerful enough to accommodate needs for affiliate marketing purposes, especially for beginners.

Joomla requires more technical skills to set up and maintain your website.

In return, this Content Management System provides more native support if you intent to build e-commerce site.

Joomla ia a second most popular CMS after WordPress.

As for customization and adding new functionality, it stands in the middle between WordPress and Drupal.

It allows more control and building more powerful extensions compare to WordPress using easy to install plug-ins.

Drupal is the most technically advanced of the mentioned three CMS, and it has been widely accepted by medium to large enterprise projects.

It is the most flexible and extremely powerful platform, which can be used to build virtually any type of a web site.

Pages built on Drupal usually perform better in terms of loading and response time compare to those built on WordPress and Joomla.

On the other hand, even just implementing add-on is more technically challenging compare to previously mention two systems.

Main goal of an Affiliate Marketer is to promote products and services.

A Website is a fundamental tool for that.

A new website needs to get a load of content before you will start seeing traffic, so content is king.

In order to be productive in this business you need to concentrate on adding fresh quality content to your site.

Unless you have some complex functionality in mind for your website, I recommend using WordPress, which is fairly efficient and flexible Content Management System.

It will take care of most technical challenges related to website building and maintenance, and allow you to concentrate on important stuff.

Please, leave a comment below if you have any question or would like to share your website building experience.