Are PLR (Private Label Rights) Articles Worth Using?

I will give a non-committal answer. It depends. Private Label Rights come in two varieties, exclusive rights and non-exclusive rights.

Non-Exclusive Rights

The most common are the non-exclusive rights. These articles are sold in packages and you can do whatever you want with them. You can resell them. You can publish them “as is” or you can rewrite them and add your own voice to the content.

If you decide to use them “as is” and publish them, you run the risk of almost certain duplicate content labeling by search engines. That is not the best use for PLR articles. Most PLR packages contain a wide variety of niches. The articles vary in length. They can be anywhere from 300 to 600 words long. Some packages include a list of keywords.

Packages can be sold individually as a one-time purchase or you can buy into a monthly membership. Individual packages sell for as little as $5 and up. Monthly memberships run under $50 per month and on up.

There is an old saying I know that you are familiar with, “You get what you pay for.” That is most certainly true of the PLR market. Much of it is garbage. Unfortunately, you don’t know it until after you buy the package and review the contents. So, be very careful who you buy from and check around the internet forums for any comments or references before you buy.

Please remember that many of these packages are sold. They are all floating around the internet.

Exclusive Rights

Exclusive rights are those rights that give you ownership of the contents. That includes the claim of authorship and the copyright to the material.

PLR packages with exclusive rights are rare. Maybe even non-existent. If you search the web for ‘exclusive rights PLR’ you get a myriad of hits. If you look closely, you will find that they are not truly exclusive. Most give you the right to claim authorship but hold back the copyright. Without the copyright, you do not have ownership. Depending on the conditions of PLR package you can resell it, give it away, or put your name on it. They are no different than the non-exclusive PLR packages mentioned before.

So, what are exclusive right PLRs? If you hire a writer to write articles for you, upon acceptance and payment, you own the article. You have the copyright. You paid for it. It is yours. There are reputable companies that provide this service. Elance is the most popular. You have to scour through the internet and search since there are many to choose from.

Using PLRs

On occasion I use PLRs. I always rewrite them. I use them when I know very little about the subject I am writing about. It educates me and gives me ideas on what to write. I use them if I have writer’s block. They jump start my creative juices and I am off again.

I use them for fillers on my blog, but I always rewrite them. You can use them to create a PDF file for an eBook. You can use them to make comments on blogs and forums.  PLRs have their place and should not be discounted. Just remember, it is not original content and act accordingly.

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