3 Reasons For Internet Marketing Failure

How To Prevent Internet Marketing Failure

Because I personally know that it’s impossible not to make money online and I don’t want people to fail, I have outlined 3 reasons for internet marketing failure in this blog post.

In the end, everything comes down to 2 factors: expectations and motivation.

If you are able to balance these two factors, you will never fail in internet marketing. Here we go…

1. They try to learn everything… or never really learn anything

The internet can be a real jungle for people who just get started with online marketing.

In many cases those people also lay their hands on all kinds of ebooks and online marketing courses that teach people how to: do pay-per-click advertising, create videos, improve the SEO of websites, work with article and blog directories…

It’s overwhelming and it can affect you in a negative way: “it’s too much and I’ll never learn everything; I think I’m going to quit.” The truth is… you just have to get started.

The opposite of wanting to learn everything right now is never really learning anything.

Some people also believe that posting their business opportunity links all over the internet will make them successful.

If you are trying to advertise online and you aren’t targeting, you can post ads on the internet 24/7 without seeing any results.

2. Poor time management is the number one cause of internet marketing failure

Many people spend several hours per day on for example social network sites or internet forums without really doing any kind of work.

These websites are all fantastic ways to connect with people, but in time they can also disconnect you from your own goals.

Your goal is not to make feel people good about their cat pictures on Facebook, your goal is to show people a genuine and real way to make money online.

Too many times you hear people saying “I have no time” while they are busy playing Facebook games.

Time management is about priorities: if you rather play games, then that’s your decision, but don’t come crying afterwards when you realize what you have missed out on while playing these games.

What do you do with someone who sees you are now making good money and then says… “yes, but it has taken you 6 months right?”

Nothing! Absolutely nothing!

You DON’T NEED these kind of people because there’s absolutely nothing that you can say.

If they worry about the time it will take to become financially free, then they shouldn’t even consider to get started.

By the way: it’s not about what other people achieve, it’s about what you want to achieve.

3. Making “bad” decisions can obviously lead to online marketing failure

It’s simple: if you want to make money online… you need to do the activities that are making you money instead of leading you to the road of internet marketing failure.

Many people have a pot of gold just standing there in front of them, but they don’t even realize it.

Some people just aren’t business-minded.

Figures are figures and it’s not easy to make them comprehensible for someone who just hasn’t got “it”.

Internet Marketing Failure Starts In Your Mind

“What you decide to believe will be your truth.”

If you believe that there’s no way that you can be successful in internet marketing, you will never earn that first pay check.

However, if you do the effort to educate yourself before getting started, internet marketing failure will not be an option for you.

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