Paid ViewPoint Review – They Scammed Me!

My Paid ViewPoint review will reveal my actual experiences with this dodgy company.

Yes, I did just say the word dodgy.

Because if paid viewpoint ain’t a big scam then I will eat my hat – with a cherry on top!

That’s right folks, I don’t have a hat but I will buy one and eat it if I have to.

You see – Paid Viewpoint got me good.

Heck yeah!

Let me tell you how they got me.

They promised ten cents per survey which is ten questions each survey.

But they only gave me three cents.

I did the surveys every day for several months.

Do you know how much they paid me?  $3.95!

Now, I know it was only 5 minutes a day max, but that stinks to me.

It might have been closer to ten dollars had I been in the right region of the world.

But no, I feel I was scammed big time.

I was hoping all along that once I had completed survey that they would eventually pay me 10 cents a time.

That’s why I simply had to write this Paid ViewPoint Review – so that I could save so many from their clutches.

Do NOT get scammed by this survey company.

Read exactly how they got me below and how they will probably get you too!

4 Months in…and what?

So there I am four months in sitting on a traitscore of the maximum 10,000 points – where they promise you will get more per survey – “Yeah Sure… – Suckered Yet Again!”

Needless to say, after a few days of STILL getting only 3 cents per day – I told them where to get off.

I sent emails to them asking why I had been given only 3 cents per survey.

I asked them if it was something to do with me living in a third world country – Thailand – as an expat.

Did they think that I was a Thai person and therefore didn’t deserve the full 10 cents per survey?

That is racism, isn’t it?

At the very least it is discrimination based on location.

What do you think?

Am I being paranoid?

Let’s move on.

Combined with my experience, not only have I been scammed but they actually discriminated against me because I was located in a “foreign” country.

Simply because I was here in Thailand, I got only 1 third of what was quite honestly a low payout anyways.

10 cents v 3 cents here in Thailand is still peanuts whichever way you cut it.

So it’s even less valuable in the other countries.

They said 10 cents – So it should be ten cents, right?

No matter where you are or who you are or what language you speak or what culture you live in, it should be 10 cents if they say 10 cents.

Not 3 cents.


They got back to me – And guess what they said?

They said something along the lines of…

“Sorry Sir, Paid ViewPoint only pays out 10 cents or more per survey if you live in certain regions.”

“Oh boy oh boy, was I angry?”

Now…let me tell you this.

Not only did they pay me a measly 3 cents per survey but they gave me just one survey per day.

And not only that, they didn’t even care to inform me before I started or during my 4 months that I was never, ever going to see even 10 cents per survey!

To me that is all UTMOST dishonesty and a SCAM that should be avoided at all costs.

My Paid ViewPoint Review is a real life experience opinion of this survey site.

Even when I passed the promised TRAITSCORE of 10,000 points I was still making 3 cents a day.


I continued on for about a week,  but it became clear to me that nothing was changing.

I was answering 10 questions for 3 cents per day, basically slave labour.

Heck, ten cents per day would be slave labour, wouldn’t it?

You catchin’ my drift folks?

“I haven’t even reached the $15 payment threshold.

So I can’t cash out until when?….

So I asked them…

How many YEARS will it take me to reach $15 dollars when I make 3 cents per day?”

(Yes I was being sarcastic when I asked them my question – I feel I had every right to be!)

And…surprise, surprise?

Of course – you guessed it right – there was NO reply.

It seemed as though they were so utterly ashamed of themselves and couldn’t answer through embarrassment.

What do you think folks?

And please, please, please folks, “Do not waste your time on Paid Viewpoint, because I guarantee you that they will scam you in a similar manner!”

10 cents is peanuts.

I wouldn’t go back to PaidViewpoint even if they got back to me and said “Hey, James, we will give you $1 dollar per survey if you come back!”  I implore anyone reading this,  “PLEASE do not do this Paid ViewPoint nonsense!”

(Even if you DO get your whole ten cents per survey) Just…Do…Not…Do…Paid…View…Point…”

So my overall advice is to stay well away from Paid Viewpoint and possibly a lot of other survey companies just like that, who promise to pay you a decent amount of money.

They find a way to cheat you out of your time and efforts.

Much better to go for something legitimate.

Better go for my #1 Recommended method of making online.

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MY #1

If you know of a survey that has paid well, then I would sure like to know of it so that I can check it out for my readers.

Let me know below in the comments and I will look into it.

Do you folks think that I am going to continue on with Paid Viewpoint until I hit the $15 cashout?

You’ve got to be kidding me, right?

No way Jose!  I ain’t a mug no more.

Throwing good time after bad time is a mug’s game and I “ain’t gonna be no mug no more.”

I did find something else completely though and you can read all about why I love it in my review which is here.

The best way to make money online is not by doing silly, time consuming, low paying surveys.

Your time and your efforts are far better spent on something that actually teaches you how to make money online (legitimately)

You will have to spend a little more than five minutes per day though, the more time you spend now the less time you will need to spend later on when you are more established.

I should now introduce you to something that is far, far superior to ANY survey site and much, much more profitable than any survey website.

I got burned.

I don’t want to see others get burned the same way.

These survey companies? (this one in particular)

They are cheating many POOR people out of honest money.

They prey on the desperate who need to make money online.

What legitimate ways to make money online are available?

There are many legitimate ways to make money online.

But I am going to tell you about my favourite method.

I can tell you that since I was scammed by paid viewpoint that I have discovered an online training place where –

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Yes, affiliate…as in affiliate marketing.  You with me?

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

It sounds complicated…but it isn’t.

Affiliate marketing is basically blogging and advertising products on your website so people click on them and buy.

You get a commission.

How much?

That depends on what you are advertising on your site.

You want Google’s Adsense? Clickbank? Amazon?  JVZoo?

There are many more companies that you can get products from to advertise on your website.

Want to learn some cool tricks from me and others who are members?

Good luck and maybe I will meet you on the inside, eh?

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Go right ahead and keep being scammed over and over again until you realize that you should have just trusted me in the first place when I told you to click that link.

Boy oh boy, some people just don’t get it.

They think they have to do no work to make money online.

So sad it is.

Go on, join now or forever regret an unwise decision.

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There it is folks!

Affiliate Marketing Tips Today’s reviews will point you in the right, honest, legal and morally sound direction only to the stuff that is proven to work many times over.

Take care and don’t get Scammed!

Thanks for reading my Paid ViewPoint review.

I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you learned not to be so gullible, like I was.

Comment below with your experiences of scams that got you too.

I think most people have bad experiences when trying to make an income online.

What Is Affiliate Marketing – A Simplistic View ?

This post is mainly aimed at those who have never heard of “affiliate marketing” ever in their lives.

All you super affiliates and affiliate gurus may chide the simplicity of the post.

But, it is not meant for the pros.

Affiliate marketing consists of three kinds of participants namely – merchants(vendors), affiliate programs(mediators) and publishers(authors).

Affiliate Merchants

Merchants are in simple terms, sellers. Merchants use affiliate marketing as a medium to “sell” their products or in other words “enhance” their sales.

In other words, any entity that sells goods or services online (directly through an online channel) is a merchant.

Most merchants are online shopping portals, online gift solution portals, online domain hosting providers, online service providers.

Most merchants will have a payment gateway on their site which will allow you to directly buy products online using credit card or any of the online wallet services like Paypal as the payment method.

Some big merchants in India are Make my Trip, Yatra, Cleartrip, Ferns and Petals to name a few.

What do affiliate merchants get out of affiliate marketing?

Well in two words, increased sales.

If a merchant has many sites which advertise their products, it will naturally get enhanced traffic as the “entry points” to the merchant site increases with every site that promotes the merchant’s products.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs act as mediators (middlemen) between publishers and merchants.

They act as focal point of interaction between merchants and publishers.

A merchant signs up with the affiliate program and offers variety of links, banners and visual aids for publishers.

A publisher also signs up with the affiliate program to gain access to the merchants’ banners.

One question that might arise is – Why do merchants need affiliate programs?

Can they not have a direct affiliate system on their web site?

It all boils down to “leaving it to the experts.” If you have a tooth ache,  you’d prefer going to the dentist rather than using a pincer to pluck it out.

Affiliate programs have great experience of handling merchant accounts and merchant sales.

They have access to advanced tacking systems and added expertise which might not be available to the merchant “in-house”.

Hence the need to rope in affiliate programs.

Affiliate programs usually charge a fixed fee for a merchant to register with them.

Some might even work on a revenue sharing basis depending on the sales made through the program.

An affiliate program does not charge the publisher, it makes all its money from the merchants.

Some big American affiliate programs are Commission Junction, NeverBlue Ads, Click Bank, Webgains USA

A complete list of affiliate programs in India is available on this very site.


Any person running a blog/site is a publisher like affiliate tips which is itself a publisher.

A publisher uses affiliate marketing to monetize his site/blog.

As mentioned earlier, a  publisher promotes products of various merchants (through an affiliate program) and earns a “commission” for every sale that the merchant makes through the publisher link.

A publisher tries to leverage his traffic into sales, thus earning commission on every sale the merchant makes through his referral.

The entire process from the point of view of a publisher can be summarised as:

1. Register with an affiliate program.

2. Browse all the banners, links and aids provided by various merchants registered with the affiliate program.

3. Select relevant links and display them on your web site/blog.

4. If a user clicks the link to visit merchant site, a visit is recorded by the tracking system of the affiliate program.

5. In case of a purchase made by the visitor from the merchant side, a fixed commission (ranging anywhere from 5-50% ) is credited to the user account at the affiliate program.

6. Affiliate programs have a fixed payout threshold. If the user commission exceeds the payout threshold, the affiliate program pays the publisher via Check or online wallet systems like Paypal.

This is just enough to get you started.

The Right Way To Start Business In Affiliate Marketing

Becoming an affiliate marketer is an attractive prospect for anyone who wants to create a simple online business.

In essence, an affiliate marketing business is easy to handle and does not require much in the way of start-up funds , personnel, products or distribution costs.

You get to choose their own hours of work and associated companies, and may create a passive income stream high through affiliate marketing over time.

You’ve probably heard it all before from one of the many ebook sales pages, but this article was responsible for the actual history of affiliate marketing – what to do, how to get started (free), and how much money the Most affiliates.

What do we call affiliate marketing?

This is the first obvious question for many as the term confuses many people I know in everyday life, when asked what I do for a living.

Acting as a subsidiary of a company means that we announce an e-commerce site by adding a text link to a website that you write, or pay for advertising space on search engines.

Then each time the link leads to a potential client to the website and purchase through your link, you receive a payment of commissions on the sale.

Not all online retailers offer the opportunity to advertise their products for the reward, so you need to find one that has an affiliate program you can sign up for (almost always free, but you may need a website to sign up any).

Now if you are wondering how the sales you follow up to you, the answer is that each affiliate web link is encoded with a unique tracking code identification labels and is for sale to your account.

The amount of your commission per sale is usually in the form of a percentage – with a commission rate like 10% is a good figure to aim for.

Commissions are accumulated in your account when you make sales, and these are carried out until a certain level of payments – usually around $ 100 or less.

Their profits are then released, and a subsidiary of good can expect to receive a check or direct transfer to your bank account each month.

You must be ready to do a lot of errors and a lot of reading in the forums at first, but over time the amount of money you earn is only limited by how much time and work you put in.

Of course, should also be working in a profitable way, what is learned on the fly – through trial and error.

The easiest way to start is to read as much as possible about the issue of being an affiliate.

There is plenty of free online information on affiliate marketing – especially in the forums, so it is not essential to buy a guidebook on the subject.

However, for those who want a step by step guide, it may be worth investing in an electronic book review on the subject.

Just be sure to avoid “get rich quick” type ebooks which are often filled with false promises of instant riches.

Need help with becoming a wealthy affiliate – this web site with thorough investigation of the topic can give you a nice hint into what direction you can walk and try to focus your efforts on, as well as info on threats on this way like wealthy affiliate scam.

And a final piece of advice – today the web technologies give you a truly unique chance to choose exactly what you require at the best terms which are available on the market.

Strange, but most of the people don’t use this chance. In real life it means that you must use all the tools of today to get the information that you need.

Search Google and other search engines.

Visit social networks and check the accounts that are relevant to your topic.

Go to the niche forums and participate in the discussion.

All this will help you to build up a true vision of this market.

Thus, giving you a real opportunity to make a smart and nicely balanced decision.

Set Your Affiliate Marketing Goals and Create a Good Business Plan

When it comes to affiliate marketing, it’s crucial to set a goal and create a good business plan if you want to ensure online success.

Without it, you would be nothing, but a ship without a rudder floundering around the web looking for something to do, and you would have no choice, but to jump on an opportunity that comes your way.

A lot of affiliate marketers commit this kind of mistake, and that is why all their efforts turn to waste.

A lot of us have made the same mistake….

That is why it so important to create a good business plan.

Unless you’re already financially stable, you probably have a limited amount of time that can help you discover how to use your resources, time, and money in affiliate marketing.

The best way to shorten this learning curve and improve your chances of success is to create a fool-proof plan, goals, and deadlines that you’re going to stick with no matter what.

Without an Internet marketing plan, you would end up going down the path that most new affiliate marketers suffer from.

A road where they tend to become unfocused and nothing has ever been completed, and so, no profit has been made.

There are countless of distractions in the business and the only way to avoid them is to stay focused on your plan and be disciplined.

Wherein, if you wouldn’t even condition yourself to focus on this simple step, then you wouldn’t be able to go any further.

Learn from the mistakes of others to save yourself from doing them again.

Define Your Goal

Just like what I had mentioned earlier, an essential part of affiliate marketing is to have clearly stated goals.

Aside from earning money, what are your other reasons why you considered to become part of the affiliate marketing world?

This should be written down and place it where you can see it every day.

This would serve as a reminder why you should pursue with that goal.

After having a big goal, you should also create smaller sub-goals that are feasible.

Commit yourself to doing these, because that’s the only way on how you can move on to the bigger goals.

Setting Your Goals

Again, let me remind you; don’t neglect this very critical step.

If you don’t set your affiliate goals and review them regularly, you are likely going to fail.

That’s the harsh reality of it.

1. Simplicity Is the Key

What is your income target? Try to determine what your income should be during:
– The first thirty days.
– The first calendar year.
– The second calendar.
– Five years from now.

2. Jot Down Your Goals

In a journal, legal pad, or calendar, keep a record of your goals.

I  don’t recommend using a computer for this because studies show that when you write something down on a piece of paper, such as your deepest thoughts, you are going to build more than thousands of neural pathways during that activity.

That means you’re going to have a more profound emotional attachment with your goals as you write them down.

This would also give the assurance that you’re going to do your best to stick with these goals no matter what– which would also increase your chances of achieving that goal.

Try to allow 30 minutes of your time each day and go to a place where it’s quiet, and there aren’t any distractions.

No people, televisions, phones, or whatsoever.

Think about the reasons why you want to become a successful affiliate marketer.

You should be as accurate as possible.

What would you do to attain that?

You must have specific reasons, a strong urge, and a personal commitment to reaching your goals.

Make it a habit of spending around 15 minutes to read, update, and edit your goals every morning.

Repetition would require some determination, but once you get the knack of doing something like this, it would be natural and enjoyable after.

3. Stay Organized

Make sure that you’re going to stay organized all throughout the process– especially with your accounting and time.

You can consider using an accounting software that would make the task easier.

Likewise, create a system on how you’re going to organize your files in a way where you can easily get what you need.

Thank you for stopping by and should you have any questions please do not hesitate to drop me a line.

Stay Focused On Your Affiliate Marketing Goals

Does it feel like your affiliate marketing strategy and style are forced, that it’s making you feel stressed and pressured all the time?

What’s worse is that, it seems like your readers don’t even enjoy the things you are posting.

If that’s the case, then you have a huge risk of losing your potential customers, and your affiliate marketing success would be more than just a dream.

As an affiliate marketer, it’s important that you enjoy what you’re doing, while staying focused so you can promote the products or services effectively.

Keep in mind, your passion would lead you to success, and here are some of the best ways on how to have fun but stay focused in affiliate marketing.

1. Be Careful When Choosing a Product

When choosing an affiliate product that you’re going to promote, make sure it’s something worth your while.

Time is very important– not only for you, but for your readers as well.

If you’re going to promote a single product, there’s nothing wrong with that.

Remember, it’s better to focus on one product that could bring a lot of sales, than branch out and end up with lesser commissions.

2. Be Direct

The moment you have identified what your readers are interested in, or what their needs are, then it’s about time to offer a solution as soon as you can.

This will save both you and your readers time and energy.

Something like this would also be appreciated by your readers.

Furthermore, being straightforward is also essential to all kinds of affiliate marketing.

This quality could make your readers see you as someone who is very reliable.

3. If Possible, Review More Than One Product in the Same Post

You don’t have to “run” a comparison review site in chart form just to be able to compare two products in the same post.

Believe it or not, a lot of people love comparisons, but there’s no need to be as objective as possible.

Likewise, don’t forget to include the affiliate links on the products you’re going to review.

Another benefit that you can enjoy from doing comparisons is the fact that it’ll give you the chance to earn more money.

Simply put; double the product would mean double the commission.

4. Provide Honest Reviews

If you want people to take your recommendations seriously, then you have to make them feel that they can really trust you.

There’s just too many scams out there, and so, you must make sure that you establish trust with your followers and subscribers the moment you have decided to become an affiliate marketer.

Always keep your audience as your main priority while looking for products and creating reviews why you recommend them.

Try to determine if the products you’re trying to promote are something they would be really interested in.

If you would focus on how to offer help to your audience through giving honest recommendations, then the right products would come to you.

5. Consider the Use of Social Media

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a site focused on posting reviews, or you just love writing relevant reviews every now and then.

It’s ideal that you consider using the “double whammy” strategy in order to improve your targeted reach.

What does it mean? Aside from simply promoting your product, you should also promote your review at the same time.

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your reviews on social media– be it Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or something similar.

Once you do, you can also consider adding a sneak preview of what your review is all about.

This is a great way to grab the attention of your audience.

Don’t forget to include the link of the original post at the end of your content.

6. Don’t Just Describe the Product: Show How to Use It

Although writing a blog post can definitely be fun, you should consider taking a break and try something else.

Why not make videos?

These videos don’t have to be long, but it should give an idea on how your audience can use the product.

Aside from being very appealing, this can also make them feel that you have tried the product yourself and it’s safe for use.

Likewise, some audience prefers watching an interesting product review instead of read a long and boring one.

9 Steps To Affiliate Marketing Success

So, do you have what it takes to become an affiliate marketer online?

The truth is, being a successful affiliate marketer is more than just trying to generate sales because the consumers are getting more control than ever before.

Thus, if you want to succeed, it’s critical to get yourself known as the authority in your chosen niche.

There are tens of thousands of successful affiliate marketers, but there’s also a some poor-quality affiliate websites that are very thin with content but filled with a ridiculous amount of advertising.

This kind of affiliates don’t usually have the ability to become successful, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for everyone.

It’s just not as easy as others thought it to be, but these essential characteristics may help you enjoy success in no time.

1. A Successful Affiliate Marketer Is Always Organized

Although you can get rich through affiliate marketing, be assured, it doesn’t happen overnight.

To reap the long term results, you should have a solid plan in place and stick with it no matter what.

That means, from the very start of your journey if you want to become an affiliate marketer online, you should have a marketing strategy that’s lined out, detailing the essential elements, such as social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing.

Don’t forget to include the smaller things, such as the content management system you’re going to use the moment you decide to build your website.

You should also have a clearly defined set of goals and make sure that these goals are realistic.

2. Are You Sociable?

Facebook has been considered as the world’s second-most visited website, and we don’t need to present any proof to support that.

Social media has been dominating the online world, and it has become one of the essential tools for affiliate marketers and business owners.

Through this platform, they can advertise their products with ease.

That said, if you want to become an affiliate marketer online, you should be active on social media and be able to drive sales directly through this platform.

3. Consistency Is Also Important

A lot of web traffic comes from Google, and over the past few years, they have made a lot of changes that penalize affiliate websites.

Today, the focus is on quality, consistency, and relevance.

So, to become an authority in your chosen niche, it’s important to have a consistent strategy, and that means you should have a relevant affiliate product that you can promote in a way where the audience would be very interested in buying.

4. An Affiliate Marketer Should Be Patient at All Times

Just like with any other forms of businesses, it would take some time before you can enjoy success.

Although there have been exaggerated claims, saying that you can make money right away through affiliate marketing, the truth is, it would take a considerable amount of time before you earn a profit.

Although building a website would only take several hours, the largest part of the work goes into building your customer base and generating traffic.

Typically, it might take a couple of months before you start seeing the results– provided that you follow the best practices related to affiliate marketing.

5. Being an Authority

No doubt, Google prefers authoritative websites, but it hates poor-quality sites run by affiliate marketers who exert minimal effort.

If you have no knowledge or little faith in the product you’re promoting, then this would reflect on your website, and a lot of readers would be able to notice that.

If you want to become an affiliate marketer online, one of the traits that you should have is to become an authority in your chosen niche.

Make sure that the products you’re going to promote would be something that you truly believe in, and you would be proud of advertising it, even if you wouldn’t earn from doing so.

6. Being Fully Committed

You should have a genuine interest in the products you’re going to promote– this is one of the best ways on how you can become an authority in your chosen niche.

Although it may take some time before you become an expert, as long as you’re certain that you like what you’re promoting, then you wouldn’t have a hard time selling that product or service.

Likewise, to ensure that you’ll be able to stick with the product you are affiliated with, you should have some passion for it.

Types of Affiliate Programs

If you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing, you’ll notice that there are several different types of programs you can join – and this can be somewhat confusing.

So before you jump in with both feet, you’ll want to learn a bit more about the programs you can promote, the differences between them and the qualities that make a program match your marketing style.

Affiliate programs can be divided in two main areas: PPC and CPA.

PPC stands for “Pay-Per-Click”

This type of program pays you each time that one of your visitors clicks an ad and visits the merchant’s website.

The goal of this type of program is to generate web traffic for the merchant – and it will be entirely up to him what he, in turn, does with the traffic.

The largest PPC campaign broker is Google, and their program is called “AdSense” (I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of them around the web).

The main advantage in PPC for you, as an affiliate, is that as long as you can generate clicks for the merchant, you will get paid… no matter if the traffic you’re sending converts into sales or not.

The biggest disadvantage of this type of affiliate marketing program is the payout.

Each click that you generate for the merchant will usually pay you anywhere between a few cents and a couple of dollars (depending on the niche or industry that you are targeting).

CPA stands for “Cost-Per-Action” (also known as PPP or Pay-Per-Performance)

In this type of affiliate program, the merchant pays you when the visitor takes a particular pre-defined action.

This action can be a sale or it can be a signup or lead. In the PPP model of affiliate programs, the merchant can pay you a percentage of the sale you generate or a fixed fee (that decision is up to the merchant, so keep your eyes open for the terms of each program you join).

The main advantage of PPP affiliate programs is that the payouts for affiliates are usually a lot larger than those programs that pay you per click generated.

On the downside, the visitors that you generate for the merchant *must* take the action required. If they don’t buy (or subscribe), then you don’t get paid.

For this reason, the PPP model requires you to learn how to drive targetted traffic that is relevant to the merchant’s website.

But wait! There’s more…

Affiliate programs can also be organized in tiers or levels.

The most common type of affiliate program will have a single tier.

In which you are paid for the sales (or actions) the visitors you refer generate.

However, there are other affiliate programs that have more than just 1 tier.

These programs can pay you not only for the traffic, subscribers or sales that you generate directly for the merchant, but also for the traffic, subscribers and sales resulting from affiliates that have signed up to promote the program using one of your affiliate links.

This is essentially a kind of multi level marketing, where there are various level of tiers below the first tier affiliate.

The first tier affiliate, will not only get paid, for sales referred directly, but also from those generated by those in the tiers below him.

It is always wise to keep your eyes open for affiliate programs with more than one level, the end results may vary a LOT.

In residual income affiliate programs, you get paid whenever one of your referrals makes a purchase… but you also keep getting paid for as long the customer you referred keeps buying from the merchants website.

These types of program are normally reserved for merchants who offer services that require a maintenance fee (like web hosting) or for those where the customer would want to continue paying for additional results (like with diet pills or vitamin supplements).

Residual income affiliate programs hold the potential of earning you a HUGE amount of money, because your promotion efforts are not lost after a single sale is made – and the commissions you earn with them can really add up in a hurry!

How To Choose a Winner Affiliate Program

Gone are the days where a merchant, had to struggle to sell his products.

The advent of internet has heralded a new medium, where marketing products and services are much easier and cost-effective.

With number of internet users increasing day by day, the possibility of reaching to wide audience is very much a reality, for the Merchant.

The benefit of this boom has percolated, to others who stand to gain from online marketing.

This industry provides a great opportunity to individuals, to become affiliate marketers. In this model, an affiliate doesn’t need to have, his own products and services to sell.

He only needs to refer people back, to the Merchants website.

On successful completion of a sale, he gets a commission.

Employing Good marketing strategies and a good affiliate program, is the secret to an affiliate marketer’s success is selling products to Customers.

The question is “Is there is best affiliate program?”.

There are no such programs, the same program can make one person a millionaire and the make the other one, a failure.

One man’s poison is another man’s medicine.

But there are good programs, to start off with. How you gain out of it, depends on you.

Is there a sure shot way, to land a good affiliate marketing program, given the fact that there are thousands of affiliate marketing programs, available on the Internet today?

You need to do this, even before you think on how to make it financially rewarding for you.

Here are a few tips, on how to select the best affiliate programs …

Have a niche, a theme for your website.

That way it is easy for you, to generate the target traffic that is required, to make profits.

That way you can eliminate all other programs, that don’t suit your needs.

There are a lot of people on the Internet, willing to help you out with suggestions.

Get tips out of them, but be wise enough to think through the ideas they suggest.

There are numerous ways to look for the kind of program that, you would be comfortable with.

Networks, which focus on affiliate programs are one of them.

These networks are essentially melting pots, for Merchants and Affiliate marketers alike.

Usually Merchants put up details, about their programs and affiliates do sign up for free, And then there are third party affiliate networks, like Clickbank, Regnow, Digital River who can provide access, to a large number of Merchants simultaneously.

These 3rd party networks also provide for systems, where you can track, compare sales records, performances, benefits, products and services.

The next thing to do is to find out, if the products satisfy the needs, of a customer.

It is imperative that you do this, because, you are promoting the product at some expense and if there are no returns, it would mean a loss to you.

There are numerous questions that you need to ask…

Will the product sell?

Do the customers have a need for this product?

If I were to need a product, would I buy this?

Can I recommend this to my family and friends?

If you find yourself trying hard to convince yourself, about the product, it is best to drop it and look for further options.

Check on the reliability, of the product or service from the Merchant.

Check on the Merchants reputation, as well.

If possible try and get access, to the sales data (previous as well as current), his history as well.

All this would speak volumes, about the market availability as well as how good, the affiliates are, but also give you an indication of how good and proven is their affiliate marketing systems.

Lastly, look if there are any fine prints, in their compensation plan.

You are there to earn and make sure you are paid, for your efforts.

Affiliate Marketing is a partnership.

Choose companies, which provide you training on how to market effectively, online.

In case you lack the time to create banners, graphics etc … choose only programs, that help you in creating these.

Your partner should be able to support you, in your endeavor to promote his products.

By now you will have enough information, to make an informed choice.

List out the advantages and disadvantages of each program and things become crystal clear to you.

Compare, if they meet your needs.

If they do, make the decision quick, fast and painless.

Generating Multiple Streams of Affiliate Marketing Income

Ever heard of the expression “Don’t put all your eggs in a single basket”?

Have you ever thought of applying the same, into your business?

Wouldn’t that mean that you are securing yourself, from the vagaries of income from businesses, in the future?

Yes, very true, many businessmen ensure that their income comes in, from various businesses, rather than one single business.

They believe this strategy, can save them from effects of one of the business, going bust.

If you are in the affiliate marketing business, learn to apply the same principle, so that if one income stream disappears completely, you still have the others, to rely on and you would not be as upset, as you would be when you loose your, sole source of revenue.

Do a dipstick survey, of various entrepreneurs and you will find that, all of them had multiple streams of income.

Have you ever wondered what kind of business, would you be successful in?

Try and check your resources and your strengths.

That alone, would be able to point to what kind of business, you can be successful in.

In fact established businessmen, vouch by this approach, if you are planning to create, multiple streams of income.

One, it would help in finding out your strengths, as in if you are good at sales, creative writing skills, artistic ability that other people don’t have, the second would point out the resources, you have.

Write down, what you found. That list alone will help you to assess yourself.

Look around, for the physical resources you can find. It could be, your friends or family, a resource is a resource, as long as, it is a resource.

It could be anything, a digital camera, a DVD Burner, Cell Phone, Color Printer, and Scanner.

Find out from your friends and family, about the resources they have. Remember, Man is a social animal, every one’s talents, abilities and knowledge can be accessed.

To create a multiple income stream, this is all you need.

What if a website, is one of the resources you have?

That would mean an edge already.

That’s the first resource you can use, to create an extra income, for yourself by joining, an affiliate marketing business.

In affiliate marketing, you can be fairly sure, of finding genuine products to promote and sell and of course some, real income as well.

This is one of the best sources, of having multiple streams of income.

Since the internet is rather huge and limitless, so are the number of affiliate marketing programs, that you can sign on to make a few bucks more.

All you need to do is promote and resell your affiliate products, to make money.

Yes, it is easy to get yourself trained, in this business, given the huge training resources available.

You do not have to worry about book keeping, customer support and ecommerce.

Just promote products and services from Web Merchants, on your site and pass on the potential customer, to the merchant’s site.

Whether you work, full time or part time on this, being in affiliate marketing, is an excellent way, to create multiple income streams by just promoting products.

Mind you, there is no start up cost associated, as most affiliate programs are free to join.

One of the best ways to protect, your business interests, is not to rely on a single source of income.

It is the same way, with affiliate marketing as well.

Never be associated, with a single web merchant.

Choose various merchants, offering a range of products in the same niche.

This also gives the visitor, a variety of destinations, to choose from.

This is a foolproof way, of protecting your business and of expanding your horizons.

You would not be left in the lurch, if one of your web merchant, decided to close shop.

Know what and where, your interests lie!! Choose the products, which you promote according, to your interests.

This certainly will help, in promoting the products and services, in a better way.

It is your enthusiasm for the product that will help you sell more.

Sometimes, it is the passion for your product, which can bring a client to your affiliate link.

Never try and promote products, which you don’t know the head or tail of.

Be wise and select wise.

And this is applicable to any business.

Spread your business across, so that more the streams, more the money that comes in.

As the saying goes, “Don’t put all your eggs in a single basket”

How To Find Low Competition Long Tail Keywords With High Search Volume

Targeting Low Competition Keywords – Make Ranking Easier

The Death of Keywords

I really wish we didn’t have to worry about keywords.

I would also bet that Google wishes they didn’t have to worry about keywords.

I look forward to the day when the Google Search algorithm is smart enough to point searchers to the most relevant content even if it doesn’t even contain any of the words used in the search.

I would be great to go to Google, type “I want to learn how to grow tomatoes”, and be taken to the most relevant content even if it doesn’t contain any of the exact phrases in the search.

Sadly, that day is still a way off.

I do think Google is working toward it though. Each new search engine release seem to be getting closer.

Maybe we are at the midpoint.

We are way past the days when just stuffing as many high search volume phrases into a page would get you high ranking but still far short of being able to say keywords don’t matter.

For now, I recommend writing your content for the people you have identified as your target audience and not worry about keywords as you write.

Then, when you have a quality article or post, you can go back and work in a few good keywords – but only if they flow naturally in your existing writing.

Whatever you do, don’t try to write to please the search engine robots.

Robots don’t buy the products you are selling – people do.

When you do start adding those keywords, I suggest you concentrate on targeting low competition ones.


A low competition keyword is one that has some search volume but very few web pages including it.

Ideally we want to find keywords that a lot of people are typing into search engines but very few or no other sites are trying to rank for.

Searches vs Competition

There is a tradeoff between high search volume and competition.

A phrase that is getting a lot of searches will quickly attract a lot of competition.

How will you rank if there are thousands of websites targeting that keyword?

Now very well, especially if you have a new site.

Age of the post and website authority also factor into searches. That will make it harder for your new post to compete.

A look at the “How to grow tomatoes” example:


So, what does this search tell us?

The Avg column is the average number of search this keyword get each month.

In this case it is 10358 and that is a very high volume. If you managed to rank on the first page of Google for this search, the traffic column tells us you could expect 1761 page visits a month – just from this keyword.

But, the QSR (Quoted Search Results) column indicates 253 other sites are also targeting “how to grow tomatoes.”

That amount of competition is actually not horrible but you are probably not going to rank on the first page – maybe you have a chance at the third.

Looking down the list, “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” gets 199 searches each moth but there are only 18 other pages targeting it!

You have a much better chance of getting ranked if you target this keyword.

I would rather to get a big piece of a small pie than get just a crumb from a large one.

Besides “How to Grow Tomatoes in a Pot” is a better sounding post title.

By the way, make sure the keyword makes sense otherwise you wont be able to make it sound natural in you content.

For example “best way grow tomatoes” has a high search volume at 626 and low competition at 13.

But, if your correct the grammar to “best way to grow tomatoes” the search volume stays at 626 but the QSR jumps up to 147.

And here is another thing to keep in mind. When you target “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” you also do target the keyword “how to grow tomatoes” so you could get some hits for that too!

If you write naturally about your topic. You will include many other keywords in your text.

Even if most of them only attract 10 or fewer visits a month, the total traffic when you have many hundreds or thousands of keywords spread over many articles will mean substantial and constantly growing traffic.

Finding Keywords

I used Jaaxy for the above keyword search.

I like it because it it gives me all I want to know on a single page.

But, the free version has limitations and the Pro version costs money.

Still, you should give it a test drive.

You will get 30 free searches with the free version so you can put the program through it’s paces.

If you find it fits with your way of working, you can upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

Jaaxy also includes other tools for finding domain names related to keywords, finding affiliate programs, finding your site ranking for a given keyword and more that I don’t have space for here.

For a free keyword tool, you can go straight to the source and use the Google Keyword Planner.

It is harder to use but it will get you the info you need.

Another very handy website for coming up with keywords is UberSuggest.

This free online tool produces a lot of keyword suggestions that you can research using Jaaxy or Google.

Here is a small sample of what it found for “how to grow tomatoes”:


Google Search is another easy way to get keyword ideas.

In particular you can use Google Instant to generate ideas. Here is a short video that will explain this” Alphabet Soup” technique.

Finding the competition of each keyword

Finding the competition for a keyword can be harder than finding the keyword itself.

You can do it in Google Search but it obvious how.

Just doing a Google search shows 3,550,000 results.

Obviously there are not three and a half million competing pages out there on the Internet.


To get the true competition number you must go to the last page of results. In this case page 33.

Here you can see that the real number of competing pages is 326.


Jaaxy and some other paid tool give the competition result as part of the search.

How long is your tail?

Adding words before or after a basic keyword to make it a lower competition phrase make it a long tail keyword.

If “grow tomatoes” is the basic search word, then “how to grow tomatoes” is a long tail key word and “how to grow tomatoes in a pot” is an even longer tail keyword.

In general, the longer the tail the easier it will be to rank and the lower the search volume will be.

There are exceptions though.

If you find a longer tail keyword with more searches than shorter tail ones you should probably jump on it.

Quality of competition

Once you find a few keywords you think you can use, you should evaluate the quality of the competition for each.

I put the quality into 4 levels.

The highest is paid ads.

If someones pays Google to promote a keyword, they will go to the top of the list.

You can identify these because they have the word Ad in a yellow box in front of the listing.

Unless you want to pay more for each impression of the keyword, you are not going to outrank those sites.

Pay per click or pay per impression are a whole different ball game than what this post is about.

Until you are generating enough revenue to be able to support a paid campaign, I would not even consider trying it.

It can get very expensive and requires some special knowledge to participate.

Save it for down the road.

eCommerce sites are the second level.

They will almost always outrank affiliate sites.

For example, a search for “tomato cages” shows sites like Home Depot, Lowes and Amazon at the top.

Not much you can do about this one either.

Just be aware that if there ate a lot of eCommerce websites on the first page of results it will be harder for you to crack it.

Then there are other affiliate sites.

How you compete against these depends a lot on the quality of your content.

Click on a few of the other affiliate pages and see how you compare.

If they are just stuffing keywords into low quality content, you have a good chance to outrank them.

Go ahead and post your page then monitor your ranking.

If you are not moving up you should tweak your post to make it more competitive.

Just don’t sacrifice quality.

Finally there are forum posts, question and answer sites and other casual mention of the keyword.

You high quality work should easily outrank there pages.

This post is getting very long so I am going to hold off on talking about ways to work low competition keywords into your title and content until the next post.

In the mean time, questions and comments are very welcome.