Is Affiliate Marketing Dead? What’s The Future For Affiliate Marketing?

Pretty darn good, if you ask me!

As long as people are experiencing problems and affiliate marketers are there to put the solution smack bang right in front of them, there’s no stopping this bus.

Last when I checked, people did not seem to be experiencing a lesser number of problems – in fact it seems as if their problems are just increasing day by day, which means we, as affiliate marketers, get the opportunity to present to them the solution to their problems.

It’s a beautiful thing, like a sunset over the Serengeti, a corn field in the full moon or your ex moving out of your apartment…

So Many Problems, So Many Solutions

You know, there are over 3 billion people looking for something on the internet on a daily basis.

This could be a specific product, a specific service of some kind, it could be entertainment, it could be to find a partner, it could be any other damn thing, the bottom line is that all of these people are looking for some kind of a solution to some kind of ‘problem’ they are experiencing.

Enter affiliate marketers…


Because who will be offering these products, services or solutions?

Those who come up with the products, services or solutions of course.

But the problem is, these owners of said products, services and solutions can only offer solutions in their specific niche – that which they are good at, and these owners are mostly one trick ponies, catering solutions for one specific problem at a time.

Affiliate marketers, on the other hand, can promote as many products, services and solutions as they wish, making the scope of entry into this humongous market very broad for themselves.

Plus they have the added bonus of not worrying about developing a product that will solve a problem themselves – they simply need to bring the problems together with the solutions, offered by those who developed the product…

Like I said…an absolute thing of beauty!

So who’s YOUR daddy?

Things Are Constantly Changing

Since the dawn of the internet and the resulting birth of affiliate marketing, the actual model whereby affiliate marketing was done, the ‘how to’ has undergone many changes, and that is another plus point for affiliate marketing – it is highly flexible, capable to adapt to the ever changing landscape of the internet beast.

Things are always changing on the internet and you bet your granny’s dentures this trend will continue.

Many changes in the way affiliate marketing is done, will certainly come in future as the internet keeps on evolving, so there is no guarantee that the same methods that are used successfully in affiliate marketing today will be similarly effective in future…

Currently, developing a niche site and becoming an ‘authority’ in that niche with a content-loaded site is the way to go.

I personally can see this changing in future with more and more emphasis being placed on video.

So as I said, there’s no guarantee that the actual method of doing affiliate marketing will remain the same indefinitely.

And that is a bitch…a BIG one!

Because how would you know what changes to make where and when?

Not To Worry

Yip, definitely a bitch and perhaps the greatest draw-back for aspiring affiliate marketers, but fear not boys and girls because even this ‘challenge’ can be overcome…

My solution to this  problem is to NOT tackle affiliate marketing as a solo artist.

There are just too many variables to be taken into consideration these days for one person to handle effectively…those days are over, unless you are an internet junkie glued to your PC screen 24/7.

So if tackling affiliate marketing on your own is not a good idea, what should one do then?

Well, one should join an established and extremely reputable training provider who has the resources and know-how that will keep them ahead of the pack.

One such training provider is of course, Wealthy Affiliate.

Joining them will ensure that you always receive the latest training in the latest trends of affiliate marketing, ensuring that you do not waste time and effort with you campaigns.

On top of this, you will become part of a crazy supportive community against whom you can bounce your ideas and get valuable feedback from – really a fantastic experience!

On the other hand, if you feel that you have the necessary know-how and you are capable to move with the changing trends, then, by all means, go solo.

For the rest of us who are also working a day-job, joining a group makes perfect sense.

Whatever your decision is, you will never make a mistake by taking up affiliate marketing.

It is by far the number one method of producing excellent income on the internet.

Elsewhere on this site, I have written about various other ways to make a quick buck online, but if you are looking for serious money, this is the way to go, no doubt about it.

If you want to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, you’re welcome to take a look at my review of them here.

If you know similar good training providers, drop me a comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Get More Rewards with AIP Online Surveys

Online surveys have become much popular across the globe mainly because they offer lot of cash incentives and rewards to the users.

There are many users that benefit from paid surveys sites, and not only in the USA.

If you are looking for better online surveys that can help you to get better experience you can look out for AIP Online Surveys that can offer you with wide range of market research surveys that you can fill out as per your convenience.

AIP online surveys are operated by AIP Corporation that conducts market research for many top business firms across the world and therefore you can be sure that AIP Online Surveys are not scam.

In the list of some of the top survey sites AIP Online Surveys might not be on the top because they are relatively new in the market and therefore you can be sure that you can get better surveys in the future.

Since the site is relatively new you can get less crowd and that means more surveys.

Users can quickly join the site as there is no need for registration.

First time users can provide their email address and then click on the confirmation link provided in their email.

This resolves the registration process in quick seconds and the users are on their way to get better surveys instantly.

However, before you actually go ahead with surveys you need to make sure that you have provided some information about what you like and dislike and therefore it is important that you fillout the profile that can help you to get more surveys in the future.

The site emails the surveys to qualified members and that makes it easier for the users to stay updated on the surveys that they have received because they don’t have to login all the time to check if they have received any surveys.

Users can also keep track of the surveys that they have received through their smartphones as they can always get an alert through emails.

AIP Online Surveys is really good when it comes to security features and therefore the site makes use of latest SSL technology to make sure that all the profile information of the users is intact and safe.

The information provided by the users remains with the site and the site does not use that information for marketing or promoting any products or services that the site is connected with.

Hence, users who are skeptical about the security features on various online survey sites can make use of AIP Online Surveys that can offer better security.

AIP offers lot of surveys and therefore users have the opportunity to quickly fill them up and make sure that they earn EPoints.

These EPoints are basically like points that users can earn as and when they keep filling up more and more surveys.

The EPoints for each survey is different depending on the complexity and length of the survey.

However, users can gradually accumulate more points and then redeem it.

Users will have to collect around 100 EPoints for minimum amount that they want to redeem.

The not so good thing about AIP Online Surveys is that they do not offer cash incentives to the users and that means that you cannot earn cash income on the site.

The site offers rewards for the EPoints that you have accumulated and therefore users that have around 100 points can go for gift vouchers and redeem their points for it.

Usually users can earn more points when they make use of Introduce Your Friends campaign that is very much similar to the referral programs on other survey sites.

AIP Online Surveys also offer some of the best gift vouchers and reward plans that can allow users to get some goodies that they need.

The site also keeps updating all the news and information that they have for the users and therefore users are well aware of all the things that are happening on AIP Online Surveys.

The site also offers quarterly sweepstakes that users can participate in to win bigger prizes and rewards.

The site encourages users to register and fill out genuine surveys that can boost their EPoints and earn them more rewards.

Is Paid eSurvey A Scam?

Take surveys for cash sites are huge, and everyone should know that by now.

Ask some folks’ opinion about these types of sites and they will immediately call them, “pretty good money makers”, but on the other hand sites in the same industry have been classified as, “scam”.

Having said that, I’d like your attention while I share my thoughts about Paid eSurvey.

I was not at all skeptical when I initially checked out Paid eSurvey because I’ve been a Paid Market Research Panelist long enough to know how sites of this type function.

Even though you do not pay these sites, they will be making some moolah off of you.

Don’t sweat it, lol, it’s a win-win situation for everyone because you will also be making some money.


You see, take surveys for cash sites like Paid eSurvey are basically databases of approved market research companies all in one place.

Convenience, and also a nice jumpstart.


Program sites like Paid eSurvey provides you with both convenience and a nice jumpstart to taking surveys.

It’s nice to have a handful of paid survey sites all in one place.

Now some may prefer to search all over the place to find legitimate paid online survey sites one at a time.

And that’s coo’ , to each their own.

But if that’s you, I highly recommend using Swag Bucks for all of your searching needs.

It’s free to join and you’ll earn nicely as a result of using it daily.

The Jump Start

Well let’s just say when it comes to making money online from paid surveys, I’m all for getting started with a few great programs at a time rather than just one here and another there.

So since the work of finding the list of programs has been done by someone else, why not take advantage of that?

Rhetorical, no answer required. lol

Free And Oh So Easy To Use

We all love freebies, and the fact that the Paid eSurvey site is free to join gives it brownie points in my book.

“Now that was easy” is what can be said about the site’s user friendliness.

Oh, and by the way, shout out to Staples for that catch phrase that I’ve always loved. lol

Navigating around Paid eSurvey’s site is a breeze.

Once logged in as a member it takes only a moment or so to recognize the free to join programs that make up the group listing.

Never pay to take surveys!

Reputable programs like InboxDollars (get paid for your normal web activities) and SnapDollars (get paid to try products, services, etc) are currently giving away FREE money to join.

Act now to receive these instant cash bonuses … Cha-ching!

I’m now pulling the “Scam Free” stamp out of my home office desk drawer so that I can clearly label Paid eSurvey accordingly, lol.

But seriously folks, one of the very first indicators to me that a program is not a scam is a free sign up with absolutely no investment or fees.

After all, market research companies are supposed to be making the payout, not the panel member who will be on the receiving end.

No Fee = Nothing To Lose

Database take surveys for cash list programs like Paid eSurvey has prepared the group of market research companies as a no cost service to you.

It is so nice and convenient to have several approved survey sites all on one page.

However, as sure as my name is Callie, you can believe there are similar sites that do require a fee.

It would just be foolish to pay for this service elsewhere.

So stay wise and smart like me and enjoy this little luxury. lol

Would I Recommend Paid eSurvey?

Yes, I certainly would.

The program is: Legitimate and is NOT a scam.

Free to join.


A great jump start to maximizing your paid survey income.

Keep in mind folks that you are NOT obligated to join each paid survey panel offered to you as per the Paid eSurvey list.

Use your own good judgment when selecting the panels you want to be a member of.

If you have reservations of joining certain panels, then simply don’t join, no worries.

Happy surveying ~

Any thoughts or comments? Don’t be shy. You know what to do … talk to me below.