Choosing Affiliate Products to Promote

Choosing affiliate products to promote is one of the first and easiest steps that you will need to take in order to make money online as an affiliate marketer.

To secure these products, you must first join an affiliate program or network.

Affiliate Programs and Networks

Some examples of affiliate programs and networks that you can join are ClickBank, ClickSure, JVZoo, ShareASale, and WarriorPlus.

If none of these networks have the types of products that you would like to promote to your niche, you can simply perform a search on Google for ‘your niche + affiliate programs’ – e.g. weight loss affiliate programs:

Choosing a Product

Never promote a product just to make buck. If you wouldn’t purchase the product yourself, or if you wouldn’t sell the product to your loved ones, do not promote it.

It should be a product that you can stand behind and one which will be extremely beneficial to your niche.

It should also be a product which has a high commission payout, plus provide you with recurring commissions.

Examples of products with recurring commissions are subscription-based products.

You need to also evaluate the vendor’s sales pitch and sales page before promoting a product.

If the vendor’s sales pitch and page do not resonate with you, they are probably not going to resonate with others.

Check to see if the sales page is designed well. How long does it take for the page to load?

Does the pitch get your attention and make you want to purchase the product? Is the sales pitch too “hypey” – does the vendor make outrageous claims and promises?

Note the benefits, features, and guarantees that are listed. Does the product actually deliver what the vendor promises?

Video sales pages are a plus as they convert extremely well these days.

Mobile optimized sites are also a plus as more and more internet users prefer to browse the web using mobile devices.

Finally, the product should be a highly converting product.

This means that it should already be selling extremely well in the marketplace.

You want to promote those products which are already selling because you don’t want to waste your time and money promoting a product which may not sell well.

Example of How to Find the Ideal Product to Promote

To find an ideal product to promote which meets the criteria mentioned above, you can go to ClickBank for instance.

Once there, simply click on ‘Affiliate Marketplace,’ and choose a niche you’re interested in or passionate about, and one which you can make money in:

Once you’ve chosen a niche on ClickBank which you would like to target, sort the products under that niche, from ‘High to Low’ by ‘Gravity.’

The ‘Gravity’ or ‘Grav’ stat on ClickBank is a good indication of how well a product is or is not selling.

The higher the gravity, the better – promote those products with a high gravity. ‘Initial $/sale’ shows you how much you can get paid if someone purchases the product using your affiliate link.

Remember to choose those products that payout high commissions. Finally, the ‘Avg Rebill Total’ stat represents the amount of money you can earn in recurring monthly commissions.

Not all products have recurring billing, so you want to be ensure that the product you choose does.


As previously mentioned, choosing a product to promote is probably the easiest step you will take when trying to make money as an affiliate.

Simply choose a product that you would purchase and believe in, which provides massive value to your niche, has a high commission payout, plus provides you with recurring commissions.

It should also have a sales pitch and page that resonates with you, and it should already be converting extremely well in the marketplace.

Website Content Writing – 4 Pitfalls to Avoid

You have chosen article writing as your profession. You have taken the plunge and you have learned about keyword research and niche research. You are comfortable with English grammar and style.

Yet, there are subtle pitfalls that new and seasoned website content writers and blog writers overlook. This article identifies four pitfalls to avoid when writing good quality content.

As an article writer you cannot just write whatever you want. As an article  writer, you must be aware of what the reader wants to read when they go over the article.

If they see things that they find to be inappropriately placed in the article, they will most likely scrap it and move on to find another that better fits their expectations.
Avoid these four simple oversights when writing your website or blog content:

*Poor Research

Make sure that any fact you publish can be verified. You have promised your reader that you have the information he is searching for. Don’t let him down. Do your due diligence. Research your material.

*Poor Outline

Do you want your reader to feel lost? If your article jumps from one topic or idea to another, your reader will soon tire and go elsewhere. His brain will go on overload trying to make sense of an incoherent article. I’m sure you would not want that.

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*Poorly Constructed Sentences

One of the basic skills of a writer is, of course, sentence construction. This means that a writer must know how to create sentences, spell words and observe parallelism.

Sentence parallelism refers to mixing word forms and phrase types that confuse the reader. Here is an example of a lack of parallelism, ‘Dave loves to ski, to bowl, and hunting.” As opposed to, ‘Dave loves to ski, to bowl, and to hunt.’

Sentence construction is important, as it is the main tool in getting the message across to the readers. If in the first few sentences, the structure is already difficult to understand, the reader will find no use in reading the entire article.

*Using $10 Words

It is in our nature to want to impress others, but using big words in an article only intimidates and alienates your reader. Samuel Johnson, British author and critic, said, “Do not accustom yourself to use big words for little matters.”

Besides that, do you want the reader to move away from your article to pick up a dictionary? I doubt he will do that. More likely, he will leave and read a different article.

There are many other things that a reader would not want to see in an article. Try avoiding the problems listed in this article and increase your readership.

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