Best SEO Strategies for New Websites

The designs are done, the contents are available, and all you have to do is get ready to launch your new website.

This is easier said than done– launching a new website isn’t as simple as it may seem.

For one, you need to attract visitors that will check your site and convert them to future customers.

The question is, how?

This is where SEO plays a vital role.

It can help a business become successful because oftentimes, potential customers utilize the search engines for the products and services they need.

Thus, getting a website in front of the target audience can positively affect the business, where it’ll automatically direct the new customers into the highest ranking website.

Where should you start?

Here are some of the best SEO strategies for new websites:

1. Identify Your Target Audience

When it comes to SEO, it’s important to determine who your target audience is, and this could be done through keyword research.

Try to identify the usual search terms most customers enter into search engines and this will help you discover the keywords that you should focus on.


  • It’s never advisable to overuse generic keywords. It wouldn’t help a website at all and it’ll just negatively affect the relevance of the content.
  • There are a number of tools that you can use to build your keyword lists, such as Google Sets. Then, you can use free tools, like the Google Planner and Google insights to determine the most common search phrases or terms.
  • Pay attention to your competitors and visit their websites every time you can. This will give you the idea of what keywords they target.

2. The Site Structure Should be Accessible

To ensure the success of a new website, it’s important to pay attention to search engine accessibility.

Basically, when the search engine spider locates the website, it should be able to index all the pages with ease and smoothly navigate between pages.

Keep in mind, the search engine spiders determine how relevant a website is to every keyword and phrase on the website.

That in mind, stand alone pages that link nowhere are considered to be less relevant as compared to pages that are linked to several pages with similar content.

3. The On-Page SEO Basics Should be Done Right

There are a lot factors and strategies to consider in order to ensure a good SEO ranking.

However, the major factor that you must consider is that the Search Engine is the one that returns the most accurate results to a specific query, and this was made possible because of algorithm.

Here are some of the on-page SEO factors that you must focus on:

  • As much as possible, the URL should be short and SEO friendly.
  • Each page should have a title tag that’s relevant to the content.
  • Despite the fact that Meta descriptions don’t affect a website’s ranking, they still appear in the search engine listings– that are why it should be catchy and informative.
  • Don’t overuse the keywords, or you’ll be accused of spamming.
  •  The image file names should be descriptive and related to the image and content.

4. The Content Should be Interesting and Helpful

From time to time, search engines will visit the site to see if the content has changed or not.

So, if you’ll post the same content each time the search engine visits your site, and then the frequency of the site will reduce.

That’s why it’s important to add relevant contents to the website and link them from existing pages each time.

This will increase the relevance of the content.

5. Link Building Is Important

Link building plays a vital role in how the search engines rank a website.

Though, aside from ranking, the first link is also considered to be the most essential because they can be an instrument for the search engines to find your site.

That’s why, the best strategy for this is to create a content that’s capable of generating links to your site– this can help in building the brand’s credibility as well as authority.

Contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t something done after the website is up and running.

Although, it usually ends up like this and that’s the reason why a lot of web owners fail to use their websites to their advantage.

The strategies discussed above are just some of the ways on how you can successfully optimize your website and ensure a good SEO ranking.

5 Qualities of a Successful Affiliate Business

Why do people chuck jobs, for no reason?

For many it is the sheer joy, of being in control of what they do, of the joy of not being, answerable to anyone, except the self, of being the master, than a mere passenger or for the sheer joy of being able to steer the ship of life, with their own hands, into the safe waters of sweet success and for the knowledge and wisdom that one gains in the process.

It could be a multitude of reasons, but yes, a lot of those who are trying to steer their destiny, are getting into affiliate marketing business.

One of the most popular businesses off late, has been the affiliate marketing business.

A lot of people are entering into this business, with hope of making it big. What really makes these people, to choose this way?

Perhaps it is the sheer experience, of having to steer your destiny, with your own hands. And of course, affiliate marketing is a business where, there are no bosses to order you around nor are there deadlines and the clutter of work.

All you need to succeed is a will, a plan and tools, which will help you, succeed in this business.

The question that arises in anyone’s mind, about this business is how do I succeed in this business and what do I need to succeed in this business?

Well, affiliate marketing like any other business, is very competitive and you have to stand tall, above others to really succeed in this business.

You need the right set of tools, which will take you forward.

All of it can be put across, in what is called the Famous 5, of affiliate marketing.

Follow that and you shall be on your road to success, where there are no Bosses, to order you around and no one to steal your glory, which you deserve.

1. If you want to try your hand in Affiliate business, this is the first quality you must possess.

It is the sheer willingness, to learn and be trained.

Walking in an unknown jungle path, takes sheer audacity and it is very easy to get lost looking for trees than the forest.

You have to be inquisitive enough to quickly, learn the tricks of the trade. It is this aspect, which will give you an advantage, over others in this business.

2. You need to invest a lot of time and effort, even if practically, there are no results that are coming in for months.

It is important, to stay put and dig into your fox hole.

It is this stickitiveness, which will give you the results, which you need for having invested so much of yourself in this business.

3. Have a, never say die attitude.

You need to motivate yourself, into scaling greater heights and it requires a lot of self-determination.

It is this quality, that will enable you to, conquer the affiliate marketing world and this is a must have quality, for all affiliate marketers.

This is what enables, you to push yourself ahead.

4. Work with all the energy, that you can muster, everyday.

This requires discipline and this is the 4th quality that is absolutely necessary.

If you have discipline, you will certainly achieve, what your have set in your heart to have.

5. Have an optimistic attitude.

Negative attitudes and hearsay should not discourage an affiliate marketer, from going on to achieve, what he wants to achieve.

This will make not only his life better, but also of others.

It is important, to be the master of your own soul and decisions, than to let others, influence decisions and attitude towards the business.

What is required to succeed in affiliate business is literal potpourri, but the most important thing, in the entire thing, is you and you alone.

It is your capacity to convert, your prospects and the sheer desire, in your heart to succeed, that will help you succeed.

Affiliate Marketing is all about taking control, of your destiny and you decide where you want to take it.

Having a right attitude, is the key to be able to steer the ship, into serene waters of the ocean, a serenity that permeates the surrounding atmosphere, as you steer the ship along.