SmashFund Review. Is It a Scam or Is It Legit?

Name: SmashFund
Price: Free till July 2016, $149 per month thereafter
Who will benefit: everyone (supposedly)
Rank: 0 out of 10

SmashFund is a new project launching July 2016.

The company defines itself as the first crowdfunding company operating as a social network.

In case you don’t know what crowdfunding is, it basically means collecting small amounts of money from a large number of people for some project you have on your mind.

And I guess there is no need in explaining what a social network is 🙂

Now I’ve seen some reviews on SmashFund telling people that it’s all good and it’s gonna go viral during this half a year, and you’d better jump in right now.

At first I was really excited, and I did some more research on this project, because history tells me that being too much excited about something usually leaves you with regrets in the end.

Now here is what I’ve learned about SmashFund.

What is it really?

Here is a short video where Rob Towles (the founder of the company) introduces his project.

Ok, it doesn’t tell you very much, does it?

It is supposed to be a social network where I can tell people about whatever projects I have on my mind (including non-profits) and raise some money from the company’s revenue. SmashFund supposedly shares 80% of its revenue with its members.

And where does their revenue come from?

SmashFund is based on monthly payments of its members.

And as a member I can refer people to the project and have commissions from their monthly payments.

I also get 2nd tier referral commissions as a member (from the referrals of my referrals).

Now they say it’s not MLM (multi-level-marketing).

But it’s not true as far as I can see.

How much does it cost?

You can register for free right now before it officially launches.

There is a form to fill in, and you will have to give them your credit card info.

Actually, you don’t have to.

Being a little bit suspicious about this project I decided to try to fill in a bunch of random numbers instead of my real info and it worked) I got into the member’s account.

And I am really glad that I haven’t given them my real credit card info!

I’ll tell you why soon.

Ok, it’s free to join right now.

And it’s $149 per month from July 2016 when they officially launch.

But you have $50 per month from every referral that you bring to them.

So you only have to invite 3 people to make it even for you.

That’s what I saw in other reviews of this project.

People telling that they have already invited 9 people and going to earn about $300 ($50*9-$149=$301) per month already.

Well, it very well may be, why not?

You decide.

But read on.

What’s inside?

When I got to the member’s account, I was in for a surprise.

I myself love minimalism, but they raised it to the level I’ve never imagined before) I mean, I have never questioned the necessity of being able to set up a profile in my account.

And seeing that they haven’t even given you any opportunity to do so, I started asking myself – do I really need a profile?)

What is it for? 🙂

Everybody knows that I’m a great person, why would they want to see my profile picture? 🙂


Network page.

Invite page.

Ok, they haven’t got much inside the member’s area.

I expected that it would look at least remotely like a social network.

I expected that they would have some project creation area, because I have to tell somehow about my projects in order to crowdfund them.

They haven’t got it.

You can see your affiliate link inside the member’s area.

You can see how many people you’ve invited.

And a little bit about how to invite people (not really much).

No profile.

No project management area.

No credit card settings.

And if I would like to cancel my subscription or change my credit card information, I wouldn’t be able to do it manually.

Only through emailing their support team.

That would make me a little bit anxious, if I gave them my real credit card info.

So I’m glad I didn’t do that.

Now I realise that it’s not built yet completely, and that there might add some more tools and modules to the site before July 2016.

But it all somehow stinks of MLM network, that is only there to suck in people’s money, give them back a little and then disappear.

I decided to google Rob Towles – the founder of the company.

Who is Rob Towles?

Right on the first page of search for “Rob Towles” on Google I see “Efusjon – Pyramid Scheme Alert”.

It leads to a .pdf document telling that Efusjon is basically a pyramid scheme, which is illegal.

And Rob Towles was a co-founder of the company.

It is dated Nov 2009.

And some time has passed after that.

Maybe he really changed, maybe he wasn’t really guilty.

I don’t know.

But it seems too risky to me.

And I don’t really wanna involve in risky stuff.

My Verdict

Maybe I’m a little bit too fast on making conclusions about SmashFund, but for now I’m pretty much sure that it is a scam.

There is nothing inside the member’s area, which they promise.

So far I see only empty promises, and an overpriced membership fee ($149 per month), which is very common for pyramid schemes.

And it all stinks.

Maybe I’m wrong, maybe it will become a new viral project, I don’t know.

But I see far more risks than potential gains.

And I don’t recommend you join it.

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And as always, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or contact me – I’m a live person. And I’m here for you to help.

Are PLR (Private Label Rights) Articles Worth Using?

I will give a non-committal answer. It depends. Private Label Rights come in two varieties, exclusive rights and non-exclusive rights.

Non-Exclusive Rights

The most common are the non-exclusive rights. These articles are sold in packages and you can do whatever you want with them. You can resell them. You can publish them “as is” or you can rewrite them and add your own voice to the content.

If you decide to use them “as is” and publish them, you run the risk of almost certain duplicate content labeling by search engines. That is not the best use for PLR articles. Most PLR packages contain a wide variety of niches. The articles vary in length. They can be anywhere from 300 to 600 words long. Some packages include a list of keywords.

Packages can be sold individually as a one-time purchase or you can buy into a monthly membership. Individual packages sell for as little as $5 and up. Monthly memberships run under $50 per month and on up.

There is an old saying I know that you are familiar with, “You get what you pay for.” That is most certainly true of the PLR market. Much of it is garbage. Unfortunately, you don’t know it until after you buy the package and review the contents. So, be very careful who you buy from and check around the internet forums for any comments or references before you buy.

Please remember that many of these packages are sold. They are all floating around the internet.

Exclusive Rights

Exclusive rights are those rights that give you ownership of the contents. That includes the claim of authorship and the copyright to the material.

PLR packages with exclusive rights are rare. Maybe even non-existent. If you search the web for ‘exclusive rights PLR’ you get a myriad of hits. If you look closely, you will find that they are not truly exclusive. Most give you the right to claim authorship but hold back the copyright. Without the copyright, you do not have ownership. Depending on the conditions of PLR package you can resell it, give it away, or put your name on it. They are no different than the non-exclusive PLR packages mentioned before.

So, what are exclusive right PLRs? If you hire a writer to write articles for you, upon acceptance and payment, you own the article. You have the copyright. You paid for it. It is yours. There are reputable companies that provide this service. Elance is the most popular. You have to scour through the internet and search since there are many to choose from.

Using PLRs

On occasion I use PLRs. I always rewrite them. I use them when I know very little about the subject I am writing about. It educates me and gives me ideas on what to write. I use them if I have writer’s block. They jump start my creative juices and I am off again.

I use them for fillers on my blog, but I always rewrite them. You can use them to create a PDF file for an eBook. You can use them to make comments on blogs and forums.  PLRs have their place and should not be discounted. Just remember, it is not original content and act accordingly.

5 Affiliate Marketing Tips To Help You Get Started

Here, to help you along I’ve included five affiliate marketing tips that have helped many people including myself, in getting the very best results in their own affiliate marketing campaigns.

I’d advise you all to put these five basic marketing tips into practice in your own campaigns for a smooth start.

Tip #1 – Know Your Audience

One of my favorite affiliate marketing tips is to do with really knowing your audience.

When choosing any type of product/service to promote you must know your target audience.

Consider your website or your blog.

What topic does it focus on?

What type of content do you generally provide your readers?

If you want to be successful when running an affiliate campaign then you must only make use of affiliate marketing product that actually target your audience.

If you choose a campaign that does not relate to your websites current topic then you are not going to produce very good results.

Tip #2 – Be Transparent

Website visitors have great respect for content creators who are honest. If you are promoting a product or service as part of an affiliate campaign be honest about it.

Simply tell your readers that this is what you are doing.

This will let them see that you are not hiding anything.

Additionally, your frequent visitors will see what you are doing and will more than likely consider clicking on your affiliate links in order to reward you for all the hard work you have put into your website that they regularly enjoy.

Tip #3 – Don’t Overload Your Visitors

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they start in affiliate marketing is bombarding their website or blog with affiliate links, banners and images.

This is the worst thing you can do and shows that you are a real amateur.

If visitors to your website feel as if they are seeing nothing but thinly veiled advertising on your website in place of brilliant content they may consider your site to be spam related and will most likely not come back.

Consider only running one or two non-obtrusive affiliate campaigns a month, test and then see what works.

Personally, I prefer embedded links into text rather than banners as banners scream marketing and this is not the image you want to project.

But that said the odd one placed here and there is acceptable to most people as long as you do not overdo it and make your site or blog look like a Christmas tree!

Tip #4 – Test Programs For Legitimacy

When dealing with any type of affiliate campaign you should determine if the products or services that you are working to advertise are legitimate.

Conduct online research about those campaigns you are starting.

Make sure that no campaign is known for phishing or for spamming people who submit information or complete surveys.

When I research I always use Youtube.

Put the search into Google of the product you are researching and then hit the video tab in the results, you are then presented with a number of videos that either promote or criticise the product, choose one or two of the most viewed and listen to what they have to say.

Stay away from video that has scam in the description as most of the time this is just a reverse psychology trick that actually ends up promoting the product so is not impartial in any way.

Tip# 5 – Affiliate Marketing Tips – Don’t Over-Market Your Campaign

Many first time affiliate marketers will over market their campaign.

They will spam their Twitter accounts, Facebook accounts and post their links on multiple forums that don’t even relate to their website or to the campaign they are launching.

People consider this type of marketing to be obtrusive and to be spam. You are not likely to produce results when you over-market.

I know it can be tempting, but be careful and give consideration to your audience.

Will they truly find what you have to offer relevant or something that is totally irrelevant to them at this time.

We will show you the correct way to use social media and also when and the reasons why on another page about this subject

These are the 5 basic affiliate marketing tips I wanted to share with you.

As you get more experienced,  you will naturally discover you own affiliate marketing tips that work for you.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or need further advice, please contact me – it would be great to hear from you!